While the Governor presses for information in a deadly way, Michonne finds herself at Rick’s prison. But will the gang let her in?

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode, “Hounded”—All right, so we’ve now established that Rick did go a little nuts in this episode. But it was awfully nice of Hershel to let him think that he was really getting phone calls from that old school phone, who was a woman telling him there was another safe place.

Sadly for Rick, and the gang, it wasn’t true. But it was still one heck of an episode. Let’s start back in the perfect town of Woodbury, where the deranged Governor continues to mislead his townsfolk on the real reason he, and they, are there. Andrea has officially gone and drank the water. After giving her a few brownie points for disapproving of the gladiatorial-like walker games in the last episode, she tells the Governor that she actually liked it. She’s now back down to annoying status. So what is her deal anyway?

Later, when she hops into bed with the lunatic, it becomes clear what her motive really is. Perhaps she’s gunning for First Lady of Woodbury. Good luck with that, Andrea.

If anyone had any last thoughts that Merle wasn’t a sadistic SOB, then I think it’s been proven that the guy is certified nut bar. It seems his time in Woodbury has trained him even more in the art of the hunt. But why the humans? When Merle and a bunch of the “W” townsfolk go the hunt for Michonne, who was released last episode, they get more than they bargained for. She swipes that Katana like nobody’s business and manages to kill all but Merle and one dude that Merle still can’t get his name right (it’s “Gargiulo,” Merle, “Gar jew loh!”). But what was more interesting was during the scuffle with Merle and Michonne, a bunch of walkers attack. As Michonne slices one of the zombies, its guts spill all over her. She then figures out that with zombie guts all over her, her scent is masked from them. Hello? It took you that long to figure that one out?

As Michonne makes her getaway she finds herself at what looks to be an abandoned strip mall where she see a young couple drive up in a truck. It’s Maggie and Glenn, who are there for more supplies, including baby formula, which, of course, they find easily. But as Michonne looks on from behind a vehicle, Maggie and Glenn get a surprise, Merle! Merle ambushes them asks about Daryl, takes Maggie hostage and forces Glenn to drive them back to Woodbury. As they drive off, the camera pans to the baby formula left in basket. O.K. so I’ll be the mean one and say, feeding this baby is going to be one pain in the ass.

Back in jail, Daryl, Oscar and Carl go through the cellblocks killing walkers. After Daryl finds Carole’s knife lodged in a walker he finds her behind a door, near-death. He becomes the hero and swoops her into his arms taking her to safety.

In the boiler room, Rick finally gets a grip on reality when he realizes he’s talking to Lori on the phone. After he comes to terms with her death, he hangs up, cleans himself up and rejoins the group. But when he walks outside and holds his baby daughter for a few minutes, he sees something in the distance. Amongst a bunch of walkers he notices a permanently furrowed, strong black woman amidst them carrying a basket full of food supplies with a katana on her back. It’s Michonne.

Now that she’s made it to the jail with the baby supplies (thank goodness for that nameless baby), Rick will get the scoop on Glenn, Maggie and Woodbury.

Judging from this photo below from next week’s episode, it looks like the real games will begin as Michonne leads Rick, Daryl and Oscar on a mission to save Glenn and Maggie.
















The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

—Toni-Marie Ippolito



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