Brazilian women are known for their great bodies and tight booties. So what’s their secret? Targeted workouts like this one by Leandro Carvalho will give you a sculpted “bootay” worthy of making Duran Duran croon “Her Name is Rio” all over again.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. That means lighter clothing, tank tops, short shorts and bathing suits that replace those bulky sweaters and heavy coats you’ve been hiding in all winter long. But the question is: are you prepared to show a little skin?

Getting a jump on summer, I decided to try an at-home exercise DVD The Brazil Butt Lift Workout — from the Beachbody home fitness programs to see if it would really give me what it promised: a tight and lifted butt. I mean, who wouldn’t want a firm butt worthy of making a stunning appearance in a teeny bikini whilst walking along Ipanema beach? I may not be in Brazil but I was up for the challenge, and at 30-days in, I’ve seen results. I can also boast that I finally passed the “pencil test.” (Stand straight and place a pencil in the crease where your butt meets the top of the back of your thigh. If the pencil stays put, your butt lacks lift. If it’s lifted, it falls to the floor.)

So what is the Brazil Butt Lift Workout? I will admit, after watching infomercials on TV, I was skeptical. With so many workouts on the market, I doubted this workout would deliver and keep me interested. Also, I was unsure about what the dance cardio routine would be like (I’m not a Dancing with the Stars wannabe). But from the first day of the program I was hooked. Not only do the various routines—from dance cardio to abs to intense legwork—get your butt muscles working in overdrive, they get your heart pumping giving you a great cardio workout. Despite its name, the workout, although heavily targeted to your buttocks, thigh, hip areas belly, actually works your entire body.

Led and designed by Leandro Carvalho, known as the “Brazilian Butt Master” (who has trained supermodels including Alessandra Ambrosio) the program offers six different workouts focusing on what Carvalho calls “TriAngle Training,” which are exercises that work the muscles from different angles targeting the three major muscles in the buttocks, and the smaller muscles around them, which is key to getting your butt to lift, round and firm up. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting bulky muscles, the exercises are designed to give you lean muscle tone. Trust me, your butt will be sore (a good sore) everyday of the workout, which is also a great fitness indicator that you’re actually doing the moves correctly.

Brazil Butt Lift – What’s Included:
You’ll get six workouts on 3 DVDs as well as a Booty Makeover Guide, Booty Makeover Calendar, Fat-Burning Food Guide, TriAngle Training Workout Cards, Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure, 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan, Strength Resistance Band.

The Workouts - With any great workout you’re going to work pretty hard. But what I found with these six different workouts that vary in terms of cardio intensity, is that anyone can do them and you can make them as challenging as you want. Carvalho is upbeat with the right amount of genuine enthusiasm that won’t make you want to throw something at the TV. He gives excellent, detailed instruction,  something often lacking in other videos. There’s also a time bar on the screen so you can gauge your time and how long a move will last (also an excellent motivator).

The routines always include one of the fitness models performing the exercises at a lower impact level should you find the regular pace too challenging. For example, I used the leg bands right off the bat, but did not use ankle weights for some of the exercises in “High and Tight,” choosing to save this higher level of intensity for my second 30-day round. The point is, you choose your level and what’s comfortable.

The dance routines are challenging but super fun. Although the instructions are great, I found my arms flailing during the first few sessions. But because they are done in short sets you get to learn the routines quickly. (Don’t worry about being perfect right off, as long as you’re moving have fun with the dance moves and you’ll get them right after a few times.) I found this type of cardio exciting, challenging and not too taxing on the knees. But don’t let these cardio dance moves fool you. Your heart rate will be pumping, and you’ll be working your legs, butt, hips, abs and arms more than you realize. Expect to feel sore muscles the next day.










The DVD Workouts 

Basics (20 minutes)
– This section is purely instructional. It goes through the moves in detail and gives tips on how to perform them properly so you’ll know what to expect.
Bum Bum (35 minutes) – It’s not how it sounds. Carvalho pronounces it “boom boom” and it’s the Brazilian nickname for “butt.” This is a combination of cardio and sculpting targeted for your lower body.
Bum Bum Rapido (10 minutes) – This is an intense, shorter “Bum Bum” workout that is a bonus if you’re short on time.

High and Tight (35 minutes)
– In this workout, you will use the yellow resistance band that’s included and ankle weights (not included) to really target your buttocks and legs. This is one of my favourites of the program.
Sculpt (50 minutes) – This is a workout designed to sculpt your entire body including arms, back and chest using 3-lb weights.

Cardio Axe (30 minutes)
– This is Carvalho’s fun, Brazilian dance routine that gives you a great fat-burning cardio workout while sculpting your entire body. They are comprised of numerous dance sets that are done individually, and then continuously to get your heart pumping.
Tummy Tuck (20 minutes) – This workout is targeted to abs sculpting

These different workout routines are planned in a calendar so it’s easy for you to know what routines to do each day. Some days you’ll be required to do at least two of the workout routines. Schedules are chose according to body type goals that include:

Lift and Shape Schedule – the Flat Solution, for those who have a flat butt, is designed to lift and shape your booty in order to give it a rounder appearance.
Slim and Shapethe Pear Solution, for those who have a slightly larger lower half,  is designed for those who want to reshape their lower section including butt, hips and thighs.
Slim and Lift – the Too Big Solution, for those who tend to carry fat all over, is designed to burn the maximum amount of calories while you lift and shape your booty.
Combination – the Classic Solution is designed for all types. It’s perfect for your second 30-day round once you’ve completed the first targeted schedule.

The workout also comes with a suggested fat-burning food guide if you need to change your eating habits to help maximize fat-burning results. (I did not follow the food plan.)


As with any workout routine, hard work pays off. Expect to follow this program six days per week. Say what? If you follow this workout to the letter, even if it’s at a lower pace, you will see results. After 30-days, I noticed more muscle definition in my abs, arms, thighs and calves. My butt was also slightly lifted. If followed on a regular basis along with a healthy diet, this workout routine, which is super fun and exciting, will definitely reshape your butt and get you bikini ready if you perform the exercises properly. The great thing about this workout is that anyone can do it. If you’re at a lower fitness level, you can gradually work your way up to a higher intensity, but note that results may take longer. As I begin my second 30-day round with a higher intensity level, I know I will see my body change even more, especially my booty.
The music and samba dance routines take a bit of coordination, but they’re not that difficult to master after a few sessions. It took me (I’m at a good fitness level) a good week to get it down, but Carvalho makes it so exciting and motivating that it becomes addictive and working out everyday becomes a pleasure and a welcome part of your everyday routine. (How can you say no to those “happy high” endorphins?)



This is one of the best at-home DVD’s I’ve tried in a while and I give it a definite buy. It’s available at

Happy butt lifting.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito





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