Don’t let them make you sweat! Frustrated with sweat stains and not feeling  fresh all day long? These new Power Deodorants from Lady Speed Stick keep you dry and fresh for up to 24 hours. Plus, enter to WIN a Lady Speed Stick gift basket!


Is there anything worse than breaking out in a sweat when you have an important event, meeting or romantic date?

Sweaty armpits are not only uncomfortable, but they can also ruin your clothes and, let’s be honest, leave embarrassing sweat stains.

With so many deodorants on the market, it’s hard to know which ones really deliver on their promises to keep you fresh, clean and smelling great. Recently, I was asked to test out two products from the Lady Speed Stick Power collection (in Cool Breeze (solid) and Fresh Fusion (Gel) fragrances). Both deodorants promised to keep me fresh from day to night and help reduce sweat.

What better way to test out these products than with a jammed week full of meetings, events, workouts and an interview with a hot celebrity?

The Workout – Goal: Smelling Great
OK, it’s a given that you’re allowed to sweat it out when you’re working out or at the gym but it’s not acceptable to smell bad. Before one of my hard workouts, I decided to use the Lady Speed Stick Power Fresh Fusion formula. It glided on super easy and dried under the armpits by the time I changed into my workout clothes. Even though I was sweating, throughout my entire workout, and even before I hit the shower, I continued to smell fresh. Bonus! Also, it did help reduce the amount of sweat I normally have.

The Power Meetings – Goal: Feeling Fresh and Dry
I often attend meetings during the week with high-powered professionals and industry types. Not only is it important to have a sharp mind, but to also dress stylish. Now that the weather has warmed out, I’ve been wearing thin blouses and cotton shirts. At the start of my day, I used the Lady Speek Stick Power Cool Breeze solid formula to see if it kept its promise to keep me fresh from morning to night. I don’t normally sweat like crazy, but I have to admit that compared to another deodorant I used, this one really delivered on its promise. I stayed fresh smelling and pretty dry throughout the day and well into the evening.

The Celebrity Interview – Goal: Staying Dry and Free of Wet Stains
I interview a lot of celebrities for my job and this week was no exception. Sometimes you forget how much your armpit sweat glands work overtime when you’re revved up for something. So my goal before my interview with The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, was to not only be dry but also avoid wet stains under my armpits. You see, I’m an animated talker (as is Ian, I learned) and love to use my hands and raise my arms. Wet stains are therefore NOT an option.
Putting Lady Speed Stick through my final test, I wore (gasp) a silk blouse. Throughout my interview with Mr. Somerhalder, aka Damon Salvatore, I could feel a bit of sweat coming on. However, I ultimately won the battle against the wet stain! The Lady Speed Stick Power Antiperspirant in Cool Breeze helped to keep me smelling great but also kept the sweat at bay long enough to keep my  blouse dry and avoid embarrassment.

All in all, Lady Speed Stick Power does provide long-lasting and  invisible protection for almost 24-hours. The fragrances are light and come in four different fragrances for you to choose from.

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