I’m sure many would admit that Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will go On” is probably the most emotional song attached to a movie and one they’ll always remember from Titanic. Set to appeal to a whole new generation, James Cameron brings Titanic to the big screen once again, so you can relive it, share it and cry all over again. Taking it a step further, Cameron has redone the movie in 3D. As it opens in theatres today, Titanic, starring Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane and Bill Paxton, is sure to set more records as it did the first time around.

For those who need refreshing, Titanic – which premiered in 1997 – intertwines the fictional love story between Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Winslet) as they travel in different classes aboard the new ship that claimed it was unsinkable, making its way to America. But when the biggest ship ever made hit an iceberg, the boat began to sink.

While in London, Winslet, who was just a budding actress at the time she got the role in Titanic, talked about how important the film meant to her, how she feels about it coming back to theatres and why it’s so timeless.

Kate Winslet on…her reaction to getting the part of Rose.

Titanic was the most exciting audition I had ever been on and I wanted it so badly and you just dig deep and try hard and do the best you can. So when I finally got that phone call telling me that I had been given the part I just couldn’t believe it because then there were so many actresses that were more well known than I was who would have been more suitable in terms of the profile, but luckily James Cameron was prepared to take that risk.”

…when she found out Leo DiCaprio would be her leading man.

“I remember calling my friends and family saying, ‘you’re not going to believe who’s playing Jack, it’s Leonard DiCaprio don’t you remember him from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’” I mean, I just have so much respect for him that I couldn’t wait to share in the experience with him. I knew it would be challenging and exciting.”

…how the costumes brought Rose DeWitt Bukater alive.

“The costumes and being on set and that moment when they say, ‘Action’…I still get blown away by that. There is a magic that happens. You can rehearse, you can prepare, you can live it, you can breathe it, and you can be as ready as you think you need to be, but until you put your costume on and until that first day when someone yells action…something happens. I never underestimate the power of those things. Because it isn’t until your final hair and makeup is done and your costume is on, that you can really become that person. It helps you disappear more into the character.”

…filming one of the biggest movies ever.

“The experience was amazing! It was just extraordinary everyday and I learned so much. The team spirit that existed between all of us, the cast and the crew, that was something that was very, very valuable and kind of got us through it because we all really counted on each other for that support.”

…her reaction when seeing the film for the first time.

“The effects were staggering. And for that time, 15 or 16 years ago, they were extremely cutting edge and even now, there’s something that looks very, very new about it. I was totally, totally blown away. We didn’t know what that green screen was ultimately going to look like or even what it was for sometimes. Of course our boat was stationary and we only saw one side of it. As actors you can’t even begin to understand how all of those components come together so it was overwhelming so it was incredible to see it all put together.”

…the film now being brought back to life in 3D for a new audience.

“My first reaction when Jim called me and told me they were going to bring it out in 3D was, ‘How wonderful!’ because a whole new generation of people who haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen it on the big screen will have that opportunity. It’s a wonderful film and I’m just excited that people will get to share in that experience that they may have heard about. Am I surprised it’s coming out in 3D? No, because it’s Jim Cameron and there’s no one like him, and he’s the most capable human being I’ve ever known and when he puts his mind to something, he does it.”

…what makes the film timeless.

“The reason it worked at all is because it’s actually a very pure and simple love story. It’s a good old fashion love story. People will never tire of that and the sincerity of that.”

Titanic opens in theatres on April 4.


—By Toni-Marie Ippolito

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