Caring for your skin is a personal matter. While you should always take skin type into account when choosing your products, you should also consider age as a factor says expert Robin White.

While at a recent event in Toronto, Philosophy’s Robin White, Director of International Education & Global Press, talked to me about the importance of skincare in your 20s, 30s, and 40+, what ingredients should be in your products and a new line that’s “Full Of Promise.”









Everyone wants to have healthy, glowing-looking skin. Most women in their 20s don’t know they should be concerned with aging. Should they, and what should they be doing?

White: Healthy-looking skin is beautiful skin. And what we want is healthy skin habits that start in your 20s and last for a lifetime. First thing you want to do is wear sunscreen, every single day because that’s the biggest thing that contributes to the signs of aging including loss of elasticity and brown spots.

The next thing you want to do is use a Retinol, which is a vitamin A derivative. It’s something you want to put on your skin every single night because it helps with cell rejuvenation. That will bring the younger, fresher cells to the surface of your skin, which in turn gives that radiant look.

What products would you recommend for someone in their 20s?

White: I would start with a great cleanser. In your 20s you got a lot going on. You want something that’s all about speed and accuracy. Purity Made Simple is the best cleanser. It removes eye, and face makeup, oil, dirt, anything that doesn’t belong there. You should have one cleanser that does it all.

Look for a good moisturizer (like Hope in a Jar). Your skin is changing a lot at this time due to climate and lifestyle. It might be oily one year and dry the next. But now, I would say add some antioxidants. Free radicals can wreak havoc on your skin and cause inflammation that can all contribute to aging skin.



How do things change in your 30s?

White: You may now notice that the tiny line you were only use to see when you were smiling is there all on its own. You might also start to observe some brown spots and loss of elasticity. Because of these factors, you still need to carry on with the retinols but you now need to use something with amino acid and peptides. Those are the protein building blocks that put the bounce back in your skin.

Our Miracle Worker product line is what I would reach for to address these needs. The Miracle Worker Retinoid pads give the exact dosage you need every night. You swipe the pad over your face and it drops the retinoid right into your skin. In a clinical study, people reported that after four weeks of usage they saw increased radiance and a reduction in brown spots lines, wrinkles and diminished pore size. This is a secret weapon!

You’ll also notice that your moisture levels may start to deplete. So you want something that will maintain your moisture barrier and hold that hydration. At this stage I love the Miracle Worker moisturizer. It has a very silky texture and is loaded with Vitamin C that will protect your skin.

What do you recommend for women in their 40s and up?

White: At this stage, yes, you’re noticing lines, wrinkles and some brown spots. But now you may be noticing a loss of fullness in the face. You might notice some hollow areas under your cheekbones or under your eyes as well as some drooping because of it. So now, what you’re looking for is lift and volume. We’ve now introduced two new products to address this with our new line Full of Promise. To make it easy, the Full of Promise serum is in one tube that you can use day and night. In a study, 87% of women said they saw a visibly lifted look and 80% said they saw more definition.

The Full of Promise moisturizing cream also has retinoids and what we call a “protein-recycling complex” that takes retired collagen in your skin and revives it. What the serum does is break down that collagen, turning it into protein blocks in order to rebuild the collagen. After using the Full of Promise moisturizing cream for volume and lift, 96% of the women used in a consumer study claimed that using the products after two weeks made them look five years younger.














There’s something in the Full of Promise products called Kigelia Extract, which is from a rare fruit in Africa. How does that work?

White: Kigelia Africana extract is a fruit from Africa that helps to lift and firm and give fullness. Researches found that a tribe of women in Africa was using the extract from this fruit on their breasts, which made them more full and firmer than those who didn’t use it.

Should women 40 plus be using a different kind of cleanser?

White: At this stage women also want to think about a moisturizer that does more. When we’re looking at more age related concerns you should reach for a cleanser like the new Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging lactic acid cleanser and mask that also offers exfoliation. It loosens debris and allows your skin to look healthy and gives you that dewy look.




—Toni-Marie Ippolito


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