Based on 10 years of research, L’Oreal Paris introduces Le Vernis A L’Huile,  a new line of nail polishes rich in oil that give your nails a luxurious pop of colour and shine. Celebrity manicurist and L’Oreal Paris nail design expert, Tom Bachik, explains.

When it comes to beauty, better is always better. Innovations are always in the works and this is no exception for beauty giant L’Oreal Paris who is always working to perfect their cosmetics.

Their latest offering, a new nail collection, has been in the works for 10 years and is set to wow all beauty and manicure fanatics everywhere.

With polish, it’s all about colour and shine. A beautiful manicure becomes the perfect complement and accessory to any outfit. And, whether you dress up, or down, you always feel put together.

“You can take a girl and dress her to the nines, but if her nails are chipped it doesn’t look right,” says L’Oreal Nail Design Expert and manicurist to the stars, Tom Bachik, while in Toronto. “But you can take a girl in her trainers grabbing a coffee with a perfect manicure and you think, ‘yeah, she’s got it together.’ It’s all about that attention to detail.”

The new L’Oreal Paris Le Vernis A L’Huile by Colour Riche nail polishes are all about deep, rich colour. It’s the first oil-based nail colour that features L’Oreal’s patented oil-in-colour technology. Four precious oils are infused in the formula—Rose, Lotus Bloom, Camellia Seed and Argan—to give that extra boost of shine and colour depth in just one coat.

“The idea was actually taken by old artists who used to mix oil with their paints to cause the colours to become more vibrant,” says Bachik, who helped create the new range. “That’s why you’ll see the colours in this range really pop. The oil also allows for a higher shine.”

The new oil-colour range comes luxuriously packaged in a gorgeous crystal-like bottle. The brush is also something worth talking about. The patented flexor brush features 440 soft bristles and is wide with a round shape that perfectly fits near the bottom of your nail in order to give you a precise application.

“This product was really designed for that girl on the go. For the deep colours, like Royal Blue, you really only need one coat,” advises Bachik. “I recommend two thin coats of colour. I find that two thin coats dries better than one thick coat. It doesn’t need a base or a top coat but I find with all polishes that if I use a base and top, you can get longer wear because it protects the polish.”


Tom Bachik’s Snap Shot on Nail Trends:

  • “Nail art is all about minimalism. It’s become more simple. It’s all about accents, bright pops of colour in a very minimalistic way. For fall and holiday it’s about metallic accents. Or adding a little bit of sparkle that can play off your jewelry.”
  • “Another major trend we’re seeing is matching nails and lip colour. Before, about 10 years, ago it was more like, ‘don’t ever match your lips to your nails!’ Now, you’re either complementing or contrasting your colours with your nails and makeup. For example, the new Pantone colours with the pastel blues and the pinks, even though they’re contrasting colours, their tones are very complementary to each other. If you’re doing a deep plum lip, do a deep navy nail. Or, if you want to match a red with a red, they don’t have to be the exact same tone.”
  • “Reds still ruled this season on the red carpet. And for summer, the nudes are a bit softer, they’re a bit more sheer and they’re not as white-out or opaque. Think taupey browns and greys.”
  • “If you’ve never been into nail art, right now is the perfect time. It’s really simple. It’s about bright colours. It’s about adding a simple line, a dot or the addition of a stud or stone to play off your jewelry. It’s just a little something to show style without looking like you’re trying too hard.
  • Also, the negative space trend is going to last for a long time because it’s so easy and a cool artistic way to do something with your nails.

Another amazing Bachik tip: Once your polish has dried, use oil on the cuticles and on the nails to nourish dry cuticles and to help make your polish last longer. For our press demo we used L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil. “Although it’s a bit extravangant to use on your nails,” Bachik says, “it has all the nutrients your nails and cuticles need to be healthy and it helps the polish to be more flexible, helping to prevent chipping.”


Available in 25 shades. In stores on June 14.




—by Toni-Marie Ippolito




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