Do you have stubborn fat areas that just won’t go away with diet and exercise? This non-invasive fat removal procedure will whittle away fat without any pain.

As the old saying goes: No pain, no gain. This is no exception when it comes to our beauty routines. It requires a lot of work and effort. From the constant facials, lasers and waxing  to finding the best anti-aging treatments and procedures—staying fit, fresh and young looking is a major commitment.

With summer just around the corner, many of us are gearing up for bikini season and with that come tank tops and short shorts. But if you’re like many, there are certain areas of your body that you tend to want to hide because of those little bulges of stubborn fat you unfortunately inherited genetically and won’t go away with diet or exercise. I’m one of those gals.

Thankfully, though, science has come a long way in developing non-invasive treatments that can help get rid of fat in areas that are most stubborn (thighs, tummy, love handles, etc).

While there are many effective, non-invasive fat removal treatments on the market, for example Velashape, Liposonix or Coolsculpting (read more about Coolsculpting), where the use of heat and cold are used to destroy fat cells, a new innovative procedure to hit the block uses none of those temps to get rid of fat cells.


“For me personally, Ultrashape and others like it are
tremendous innovations that can help kick start fitness goals and help shape and smooth your body while making you feel more amazing
and confident than ever.”


It’s called Ultrashape, and it promises to trim your waist and smooth out your problem areas in about an hour (depending on how many areas your treating)

How does it work? The device works by sending ultrasound waves directly into fat, shaking their membranes causing them to collapse without harming nerves, tissue or blood vessels. Using a computer program, the area being treated is meticulously mapped out and projected on a screen in the form of dots.



While at one of the world’s most respected med spas, Spamedica, in Toronto, I decided to try this procedure on my outer thigh area. I found this procedure to be one of the easiest in terms of time and preparation. Right before the procedure was to take place, the area around my thigh was taped off so the medical esthetician could contain it. While lying down comfortably on a bed, the area in being treated showed up on a computer screen with a number of “mapping” dots covering the area. The esthetician, guided by the dots on the screen, began to run the device over my skin and zap each dot. I jokingly compared it to a video game. Each dot represented an area in my fat zone.

Although, I did feel the odd zap here and there, which was uncomfortable at times, it’s a procedure that is nearly painless. In fact, some individuals report feeling no sensation whatsoever. But the thing I loved most about it, is that it’s quicker to complete than most. Each thigh area took about 20 minutes in total.

How many treatments do you need? A course of the recommended three sessions, completed over a six-week period, is said to produce a 30 per cent decrease in the targeted fat layer. The remains of the dead fat cells are then processed and disposed through the body naturally almost immediately. And, while other fat removal procedures take at least months to see results, Ultrashape results can be noticed as early as two to six weeks.

Results? I can report that with this procedure I lost a total inch around each thigh area. For some, that might not be a lot, but for myself, standing at 5’ 5” it was enough to make my jeans fit a lot better.

While most of these procedures can produce stunning results (and please note, results vary) I always stress that they should be used to contour your body and not used a fat loss system. For me personally, Ultrashape and others like it are tremendous innovations that can help kick start fitness goals and help shape and smooth your body while making you feel more amazing and confident than ever.


For more info on Ultrashape, and whether you’re a candidate, please visit www.Spamedica.com.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito






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