It’s no surprise that women love getting a professional blow-out. But with these easy tips, you can do your own at home and make it last for days.

Ah, great hair for days! There’s no better feeling than leaving your salon with smooth, blown out locks.

That perfectly polished look not only gives you an extra spring in your step, but also makes you feel more confident. The good news is with just an extra 20 minutes added to your schedule a few days a week, you can achieve the perfect blow out. (Plus, your wallet will love you!)

Time well spent on a good blow out can last up to three days. These tips will help.

Start with washed hair.
First, start with clean hair. Try using a shampoo and conditioner that has benefiting properties and is super moisturizing. This will leave your hair feeling light and not weighed down by some that contain chemicals.

*Tip: Try Live Clean Vitamin Multi Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s loaded with Vitamins E, B, K, and D, as well as Avocado Extract. All of these ingredients help to nourish and restore hair leaving it smooth and healthy. It’s a great product to prep your locks for that perfect blow dry.

Pre-dry hair
The key to a good blow out is to start when your hair is about 75% dry. If you are pressed for time, pre dry hair on a cool setting to get rid of as much moisture as possible. Or, lightly towel dry to squeeze out water. Also, dry your roots upside down. This will help give them some extra lift so they don’t dry flat on your scalp once you begin drying the ends.

Section Hair
This is a step most people skip. It’s important to section your hair so that you have more control and ensure each section is drying properly.

Brush Control
Use a great brush to begin drying two -inch sections pulling tight. Pull the brush through hair as you blow-dry, pointing the nozzle downward. This technique helps to smooth hair and avoid frizz. They key is to pass the heat in the same direction as you pull the hair. Pass through the same section until it’s dry.

*Tip: This Tangle Teezer BlowStyling brush is the holy grail of brushes. It’s the perfect brush to use if you want a smooth blowout. The innovative teeth allows for free-flow tension so there’s no pulling and tugging. Excess moisture is removed from the hair shaft to guarantee a quicker blow-dry.


Lock it in
If your hairdryer has a cool shot button, use it near the end of each pass to lock in moisture. This will give your hair extra shine.

Finishing touch
To keep your blow out fresh, use only one of your favourite finishing products to help seal the deal or to add extra shine. If you use a lot of product, you will start to weigh down hair.





—by Toni-Marie Ippolito





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