Get a super powered facial with this new climate-controlled facial device from Bliss.

Some like it hot, and some like it cold. When it comes to temps, we all have our preferences. But did you know that some facial products work better when they are cooled or heated?

This is why many beauty insiders sometimes keep their serums in the fridge. Some celebrities have even upped the swank factor by installing mini fridges in their bathrooms to keep some of their products cool and conveniently on hand for their daily routines.

Why? A product’s temperature can enhance its performance – some work better warm, while others shine at cool temps like eye serums.

To take the guess work out Bliss has introduced a more convenient way to control the temperature of your products with the introduction of the new Bliss Climate Control Hot and Cold Sonic Facial Wand; an amazing facial wand device that has the option to change temperature from hot to cold in a press of a button.

How does it work? The hot mode boosts absorption of creams and serums, while the cold mode shrinks pores, reduces redness and puffiness, and lessens the appearance of fine lines. It also has a sonic vibration mode that gives your face a rejuvenating massage.

How to use: 

-Washing your face, apply skincare (serum or cream).
- Press the button and while in heat mode, massage the wand over face in circular motion to allow full absorption of your product.
-Press the button to change to the cool mode (it only takes three seconds!) to tighten pores, reduce redness, puffiness and fine lines.
-Press button to change to massage mode to give your skin an invigorating massage.

Hot tip!
If you haven’t had enough sleep and want to get rid of bags, apply eye serum under eyes and tap the Bliss Climate Control wand under your eyes in cool mode for an instant awakening!

The new Bliss climate control hot and cold sonic facial wand is exclusively available at Sephora. The kit also comes with a Bliss 0.5 oz Triple Oxygen Energizing Vitamin C day cream, Charging cord and Storage pouch. $169



—by Toni-Marie Ippolito





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