Jewelry made with hazelwood is said to have a neutralizing effect on the body and can help cure ailments. Here’s why.

Jewelry that heals? If you suffer from nagging, recurring ailments hazelwood jewelry may just be the thing you need.

For many years, the wood of the hazelnut tree has been used as a natural, holistic product to help in preventing or relieving certain health problems.

Made with pieces of wood from the Canadian Hazelnut plant, hazelwood worn in jewelry form, is said to contain properties that heal ailments when in contact with the skin, including acid-reflux, heartburn, ulcers, psoriasis, eczema, joint pain, arthritis, constipation, migraines, and sensitive & bleeding gums.

How? The phytochemicals in this wood plant is said to have a significant anti-oxidant effects on the body, creating a more alkaline environment. It is believed the wood absorbs excess acidity from your body until a balanced PH is reached.

Aboriginals are believed to be the first to have discovered the benefits of hazelwood when they would place chips around their babies’ necks to soothe teething pain. This lost art was revived in the late eighties by a few families in Quebec, where the plant is abundant, who rediscovered the unique properties of this plant.













In order to gain therapeutic benefits of your hazelwood jewelry, it must be worn as much as possible. It is also recommended to wear the necklace while bathing. Keeping the hazelwood moist aids the body in absorbing the beneficial properties.

Hazelwood necklaces or bracelets eventually expire, in 4,6 or 12 months, depending upon the body’s acidity. A good way to know that your body has absorbed its benefits is when the wood has turned black.

I have been wearing my Pure Hazelwood bracelet for 2 months now and as you can see it’s starting to go black. A good sign that’s I’m absorbing it’s benefits!













It’s important to buy your hazelwood jewelry from a reputable company. Pure Hazelwood
is a Canadian company dedicated to providing the best jewelry and they also take care in harvesting the plant. They adhere to strict harvesting methods in order promote the shrub’s growth and development.

Tell us, has wearing hazelwood helped you?








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