We all want sky-high lashes. With the new Revlon mascara collection you can find the  formula your lashes need to make them pop on demand. 

With a lot of mascara products on the market claiming to transform and boost your lashes and do well, all kinds of things, it’s no wonder a lot of women find it hard to choose the right one.

In my opinion, it’s all about the brush and clump factor. If the brush holds too much product, you’ll inevitably end up in a racoon eye disaster. So how does one get a happy medium between having a great brush tip and the right amount of product?

Revlon seems to have mastered this long-standing issue with its new line of mascaras. They’ve come out with a new collection with five different types so you can find your perfect pairing, whether it’s for volume, length, definition, lift or intense colour.

Revlon Ultra Volume
Conditioning, clump-free formula plumps lashes for intense volume. The Lash Plumping Brush™ on this version combs through lashes for clump-free volume. The brush has triple grooves within brush hold mascara formula for maximum lash volume.

Revlon Super Length
Want more length and volume? The super length version provides a lengthening formula that glides on easily and builds that coveted extended lash look. The Lash Stretch Brush™ coats even the littlest lashes with super length, while the long side bristles are designed to deliver plush length.

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified
This one has a high-shine black fibre formula that provides amplified volume and length. The Magnifying Lash Brush™ has a unique square brush designed to anchor formula to lashes for intense volume + length.

Revlon Dramatic Definition
Do you need an even more dramatic look? The Dramatic Definition offers aSmooth, flexible formula that coats lashes for clump-free separation. Its Lash Separator Brush™ with tiered bristles define and separate every lash

Although the entire collection is pretty great, the star of the show, or the “Holy Grail” of mascara, is the new Revlon Ultimate All-In-One mascara.

It claims to give you five revolutionary lash transforming benefits including volume, length, definition, lift and intense colour. So what makes it so great? The brush.

I have to admit, when I first saw how short the brush was, I was a little skeptical. How could this little brush cover lashes and give great coverage? Well, it does.

The Revlon Power Mini Brush™ has a hollow core designed to deposit the formula and evenly spread through the lashes. The mini oval-shaped brush also gives you more control over the application and allows you to give lashes an equal amount of mascara.

The end result is full, sky high lashes. And a woman couldn’t ask for much more!

It is definitely one of my favourites, and one I recommend as a “Must-Try, Beauty Buy.”

In stores this November.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito








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