Get ready to binge! Our favourite inmates from Orange is the New Black are returning for a third season which promises more back stories, drama, love triangles and power plays. 

The opening of Orange Is the New Black season two threw fans a curveball when Alex (Laura Prepon) took a deal that got her released from Litchfield, leaving Piper in the dust. It led to a season which changed the course of the Alex-Piper (Taylor Schilling) relationship, and Piper’s prison outlook.

But since Piper ratted out her old lover for having a gun on the outside, things are about to heat up and Prepon is returning for a full season.

“She doesn’t know how she got back in, she doesn’t know that Piper is the reason for it, and I think she just feels foolish and stupid,” Prepon told THR.com. “Now that she had that freedom and it was taken away again, I think she just has lost faith in herself, has lost faith in her and Piper and is kind of a little hopeless.”

And things heat up for the gals once Alex discovers the truth. “That’s the thing that’s so great about their relationship. It’s tumultuous and manipulative, but they love each other,” Prepon continued. “Whenever either of them does these things to the other… it’s grounded in this authentic love for each other. They can’t not be with each other.”

Of course they deal with it the only way they know how, through rough sex. But once the couple finally begins to rebuild their relationship, a hot new inmate Stella (Ruby Rose) catches Piper’s eye. And, Alex’s outside troubles find her on the inside when she’s tipped that someone may be trying to kill her.

But it’s not all about Piper and Alex. Our other favourite Litchfield inmates have more drama of their own. The new episodes will continue last season’s storyline on the staff, the peril state of the prison and will focus on the changing relationships between the inmates, that includes power shifts, especially with Red’s kitchen ambitions, and even a back story for Boo!

Orange is the New Black airs on Netflix June 12.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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