Do you want to mask and get rid of that annoying cellulite and tighten your tushy? These products from Bliss may be the products you need to stock in your beauty arsenal.

Summer is in the air, and so are tank tops, swimsuits and short shorts. If you’re feeling a little anxious about summer, when losing the layers becomes mandatory, fear not. There are a few products that can help you feel more comfortable showing that bit of skin.

To help mask cellulite this season, Mike Indursky, President of blissworld, revealed that one of the most exciting products from Bliss is the Hide & Glow Seek firming and luminous tinted body spray. It’s a tinted firming spray that clinically firms and tones skin over time while giving skin a glow that deflects away from the appearance of cellulite. The spray, which comes in two shades, includes Maracuja Oil for deep moisture, Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant, Peptides and Caffeine, which stimulate collagen and decrease puffiness, respectively.

“It allows light to bounce off the skin so it appears smoother. It’s the only product of its kind that has a tint and with ingredients like caffeine, that clinically help to reduce cellulite,” Indursky says.

If you want to make your legs appear even slimmer, Indursky says that he’s seen a lot of women at the famous bliss Spa in Soho use a contour technique with the spray. “A lot of women will give an even spray over their legs and rear and then will go over the sides of legs, adding more colour, to contour them so they appear even thinner.”

Mike Indursky’s “get summer-ready” top items include: Fatgirlsixpack, Fatgirlslim, “Fuzz Off” Foam, Ingrown Eliminating Pads, and Poetic Waxing.

Fatgirlsixpack is a tummy targeting gel with a nubbed applicator that massages a formula of caffeine, creatine, oat kernel extract and botanicals to detoxify, stimulate circuclation and firm. $48, the Bay and Sephora.


Fatgirlslim is bliss’s new super strength flab-fighting formula with QuSome, encapsulated caffeine molecules that go deep into the skin stimulating lipsolysis reducing fat cells by encouraging drainage.


‘Fuzz’ Off Foam is a spray-on, rinse-off, fresh-scented foaming depilatory that removes unwanted hair and is infused with a powerful hair inhibiting complex, skin-soothing conditioning extracts, and a deeply nourishing double butter complex. Great for those who love painless hair removal.



Ingrown Eliminating Pads are must to keep ingrown hairs at bay. The pads are soaked in exfoliating alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxyl acid, along with botanical soothers to help prevent post waxing or post shaving ingrown hairs.


Bliss spa is known worldwide for having the best waxing service. Now, you can easity DIY with the Poetic Waxing Kit at-home hair removal kit - a safe and effective, stripless, low-heat, hard wax hair removal system that ‘shrink-wraps’ hair without adhering to skin, making it one of these most gentle waxes out there.


All bliss products are available in Canada at the Bay,, Sephora and





—by Toni-Marie Ippolito

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