What do Mila Kunis, Ryan Reynolds and Kourtney Kardashian have in common? They’re all slipping into a pair of LAZYPANTS— the comfiest loungewear you know you’ve been wanting.


What are you wearing during this cold winter?

While we’re all glued to our TVs watching all the latest and greatest red carpet fashions from all of the glamorous awards shows, I admit I’m judging the best in dress while I’m in my comfy, cozy sweat pants.

In fact, it’s what I’ve been wearing indoors all winter long. While there are a lot of comfort loungewear brands on the market one of the coziest I’ve come across so far are LAZYPANTS. They’re definitely sweeping this awards season for the most stylish, and coziest pants around!

Canadian made luxury brand LAZYPANTS is a line of loungewear that is designed and manufactured 100% in Canada, and is made from the finest combed and washed cottons. Although the brand is focused on their popular line of pants, dubbed “ the most comfortable pants on the market,” they have also introduced a line of leggings, soft tees, sweatshirts, and a line for kids.

TONI-lazypants (Me and my LAZYPANTS!)

President and Creative Director Adam Bledin created the line after returning from studying in California to help his brother with his denim company. While working there, Bledin started to think about what people wear “after “they came home and took off their jeans. For Bledin, LAZYPANTS became all about your “after.” After a long day at the office, after overcoming first date jitters, after an intense session at the gym, after casual drinks, or catching up on your favourite movies—Bledin’s designs were meant for you to relax and chill in.

It became such a hit, the brand developed a cult following and took on a life of its own. The list of A-list Hollywood celebrities keeps on growing as Mila Kunis, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ryan Reynolds, Mindy Kaling, Kourtney Kardashian, Cody Simpson and many other celebs have latched onto the brand.



The sweatpants, which are the heart of the brand (with their now iconic birds logo), come in three styles:

“The Original Style” 3-End Fabric LAZYPANTS Sweatpant
Description: 80-20% cotton-poly knit blend, a thicker cotton fabric, great for any “after” in colder temps, no pockets, birds logo and strings always match in colour.

“The Original Style” French Fleece LAZYPANTS Sweatpant and Skinnys
Description: 100% combed and brushed cotton, lighter fabric weight than the original 3-Thread, all have pockets, strings, birds and inner pocket lining all match in colour, a more breathable fabric and encouraged for warmer weather. Sweatpants: $98.00, Skinnys: $108.00 - $118.00.

Herringbone LAZYPANTS Sweatpant
Description: specially designed and developed, 100% combed cotton; the herringbone knit mimics that of the herringbone fish. Comes in three shades, thicker bands and cuffs like the French Fleece Skinnys, medium weight thickness, birds and strings always match in colour. $128.00.



Visit to order a pair or to find out where you can buy them.


Here’s to comfort lounging in style!



—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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