Drew Barrymore talks about her new beauty cosmetics line Flower, her excitement about launching in Canada and the inspiration behind the brand.

If you look up “Girlboss’ (okay, so I made it one word) in the dictionary, Drew Barrymore’s face would be there. Not only has this Hollywood A-Lister become a successful film producer with her production company Flower Films, and as an actress (E.T., Ever After, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Grey Gardens), she’s now expanding her brand to another thing she knows well, cosmetics.

“I was a producer of movies and so I fell in love with the art of business and creative and that journey led me to working for P&G and being a co-creative director at CoverGirl for seven years and it was the best job a girl could ever have,”Barrymore said while in Toronto. “From there, I wanted to create this line for all women. I wanted it to be aspirational but like an all-ages party where everyone is invited.”

Drew Barrymore talks to Toronto Media about Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore talks to Toronto Media about Flower Beauty

After a launching Flower in Walmart stores across the US, it’s now making its debut in Canada this month, and Barrymore and her team couldn’t be more excited.

“Having been someone who grew up here a lot, I’m so excited to be here in Canada and in your stores,” she said. “We just recently launched our fragrance collection and started looking at different mood boards of women in the workplace, women with their kids, and asking ‘what would date night look like?’ And we started to fall in love with this woman because she felt like us. That’s our Cherished, Radiant, and Sultry fragrances. A different kind for different moods.”

But at the core of the company is the colour cosmetics line, which was years in the making. “Our colour cosmetics is the nucleus of our company and that’s where we started Flower and what the messaging is: “Love the Way You Look.” And we tried to do something different because they’re so much great makeup in mass production and you can’t compete with it and there’s no need to,” she says. “So we put all the money that would otherwise go into marketing and advertising into our formulas and do something that was different, and hopefully you can feel and experience that.”


More importantly, Flower is about bringing quality at affordable prices. “We tried to mathematically create a company where you could have a lipstick that other people are charging $78 for and, right on, you should be able to get it for less and women deserve that!” Barrymore says. “But at the end of the day we just want tools in our arsenal that make us feel good about ourselves.”

Flower Beauty is exclusively available at Wal-Mart and includes a full range of cosmetics from eyes, face, lips, nails and fragrance. They range in price from $4.98 to $12.98 and the fragrances from $9.98 to $24.98. You can also get tips and tricks from Barrymore herself at www.FlowerBeauty.com!


—By Toni-Marie Ippolito

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