Although most comic lover are “fanboys” we’re stoked to see the new DC comic hero Wonder Woman make her debut in the Batman vs. Superman movie. Check out who she is and what she has to say about the super powered role.

Get ready to hear and see a lot of Gal Gadot. She’s set to become Hollywood’s newest star and she isn’t coming in quietly. The former model is currently pumping iron getting ready to play one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters Wonder Woman in the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed movie Batman c. Superman. How’s that for an entrance?

DCComics_Wonder_Woman_1Since Wonder Woman is known for her strength and strong physique, Gadot is on an intense workout program to look like the Amazon princess, Diana. “I just keep active with everything that’s challenging me, everything that I feel like doing. It’s not like I’m only doing TRX or Pilates. I do sports. I do cardio, but I don’t like it as much. I’d rather do weights,” she told eonline. “I try to eat healthy, but sometimes though, I eat cheeseburgers. That’s good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out. I drink tons of water.”

Gadot, a former model, was stunned when she learned that she landed the dream role. “[My agent] said to me, ‘Wonder Woman!’ and I’m like, ‘What??’ – ‘The role is yours! … and it’s a secret and the news is not yet announced and you can’t tell anyone,” she told an Israelis news show. “I’m saying to her, ‘Are you serious??’ — and we both scream! Now it’s a plane from Israel to New York and I can’t make loud noise, and so I lean on a window, bending down to my legs, and just try to understand. I was telling myself, ‘It’s not real!’ … it shouldn’t be like that, I’m supposed to be like … ‘Where’s the champagne?’ ”

Of course, info on the film has remained top secret but what we do know is that Jesse Eisenberg will take on the role of Lex Luthor. Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman, and Ben Affleck who will make his debut as Batman, a casting that has been controversial.

Gadot tweets a photo of herself during a Wonder Woman workout.

Gadot tweets a photo of herself during a Wonder Woman workout.

Gadot has also received criticism that she’s too skinny to play the superwoman. Actress Gia Carano (Cavill’s on-again lady love) who was once rumored to take on the role has quashed the naysayers. “I think people have an idea what they consider Wonder Woman. I definitely know (Gadot) has been training and there’s so much more that goes into being a strong female character,” Carano told the Toronto Sun. “I think people have their own idea, but I always like the underdog, I’m always rooting for the underdog. If the world says you can’t do something, I couldn’t care less because that’s not how anybody should live their lives.”

Gadot doesn’t seem too concerned with the criticism either. “Wonder Woman is a one-breasted Greek Amazonian woman, so if I were to really go ‘by the book’ — that would be a problem, she said. “I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world.”

Lois Lane star Amy Adams also gave Gadot her seal of approval. “If she is working with Zack [Snyder] and she’s going to be Wonder Woman, she’s going to be yoked. He’s going to make her a beast,” Adams told MTV.


Batman vs. Superman is set to hit theaters on next spring.


©Photo: Gal Gadot/Facebook

—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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