You don’t have to make a trip to the salon to get a great gel mani. With the new Fuse Gelnamel kits you not only get a fabulous manicure, but also in half the time!

Getting a gel mani at the salon can be pricey. With all of the new gel kits on the market it’s become easier to do your own at home. Having tried many of these kits, I do admit that it’s still a process.

When reviewing these at-home gel kits, there are a few things that come to mind when considering buying one. First off, many of them need a few coats of polish, including base and top coats, that take extra time in the curing process. I have also found that, depending on the quality of the polish, some need a bit more cure time under the lamp than others.

Fuse-gelnamel-electricortreat-red-polishEven though  many of these kits claim to have polish wear for up to 14 days, some gel polishes begin to peel around the edges of the nail. I was told by the gal at my salon that it’s because my nails are not flat and tend to have ridges in them. What’s a girl with rounded nails and ridges to do?

When I was introduced to the new Fuse Gelnamel polishes by Sensationail, I was excited to see what new advances they were introducing to the world of at-home gel manis. The girls from Sensationail told me the new kits, which come with a mini, high-powered LED lamp, are the first all-in-one gel polish hybrid and give high shine, no chip nails for up to a week.

Each polish contains a base and a top coat and only needs to cure for 30 seconds each. With only one coat to apply, my time was literally cut in half! The other great thing about the Fuse Gelnamel polishes is that they conform to your nail shape in order to stay put. They actually get into those ridges. Horray!

After applying the polish using the mini LED lamp, which, by the way also rotates so you can easily do your toes, the polish lasted for seven days.

The kits come in six shades and the whole range includes 12 vibrant colours that will appeal to everyone.

Fuse Gelnamel kits come with an LED lamp and one polish including:
Gone Fission:  a glistening pink
Sonic Blue-m: an electric blue
Na-no Way!: A bright pink
Intens-so-fly: a bright teal
V-amp: a rich red

Additional Fuse Gelnamel shades  include:
Watt’s Your Colour?: a deep red
Lightning Jolt: A glittery purple
E-motion: a vibrant purple
Lights, Camera, Re-action!: a shimmery silver
Polar Bare: A nude sparkle
Such a Laser: a golden beam of light











 Step-by-step guide to using the Fuse Gelnamel kit:

1. File and buff nails
2. Clean nail with cleanser and wipes (included in kit)
3. Apply one coat of Fuse gelnamel polish on nail
4. Place nail in the grove under LED light for 30 seconds
5. Wipe nail with cleanser to reveal shine
6. Remove with Sensationail gel polish removal kit



—Toni-Marie Ippolito




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