New Canadian accessories line, House of Cromwell, offers big glamour at wallet-friendly prices.

This February, House of Cromwell Designs debuts its twenty-three-piece Spring/Summer Goddess Collection featuring uniquely designed 14k gold plated items, ranging from stud and dangle earrings, rings, stackable bracelets and statement necklaces. Designed by Toni-Marie Ippolito, Owner and Creative Director, the bold, sleek pieces offer serious glamour for smaller budgets. “It’s for every woman who has expensive taste but seeks affordable luxury,” says Ippolito. “Each piece is meticulously crafted by a small artisanal team, using the best materials possible—offering customers quality, that’s also wallet friendly,” she explains. The collection ranges in price from $35.00 to $120.00, and is available through the House of Cromwell e-commerce store:


Using 14K gold, semi-precious metals, crystals and resin detailing, Ippolito designs her pieces drawing on her love of history while incorporating a modern, minimalist edge. “I am constantly inspired by the beauty of past eras, and the essence of Egyptian, Greek and Roman goddess aesthetics, but I also appreciate the streamlined look of Art-Deco,” she says.

From the Fortuna Bright Star ring, featuring a single, sharply spiked star in its center, to the delicate crystal insets of the Selene necklace—a linear, crisp sensibility defines each look. Many of the pieces, like the Cleo necklace or the Harmonia Bangle Stack set, can be worn alone, or layered for added versatility.

The Toronto-based designer—and Hamilton, Ontario native—doubles as an entertainment and lifestyle journalist, with over 12 years of experience in the publishing industry, including managing her popular blog, The Lifestyle Report.


—By Anna Mattiuzzo

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