Is your closet messy? Are you t-shirts or scarves all bundled up in a cubbyhole? The PLIIO clothing filers are the answer to getting rid of the clutter.

When your scarves or clothing are unorganized, it’s hard to find your favourite items, or remember what you have. With a new year now in full swing, take time to get better organized so you can shop your closet without breaking your wallet.

To make things super simple, professional organizer Clare Kumar has come to the rescue to everyone who ever got frustrated trying to keep their drawers organized with the her creation: the Pliio by FHE Clothing Filers.

This ingenious invention takes the fuss out of organizing clothes, especially those with thin materials, like silk or chiffon, that tend to unfold seconds after begin folded. The Pliio Clothing Filer allows users to quickly and efficiently organize clothes by placing the product on a shirt or dress, then folding the clothing item over the filer. The sturdy filer keeps the clothing from unravelling and its neat book-like shape makes it incredibly easy to file into drawers and shelves.


These handy tools can be filed into rows in drawers or shelves which are at least six inches deep and are perfect for packing for long trips which require multiple outfits thanks to the fact that they are amazing space savers. They can even be used to tote gym clothes or any change of clothes right in a large purse or a messenger bag.

Ideal for long and short sleeved shirts, lightweight knitwear, unstructured dresses, nightgowns, skirts, exercise tops and scarves, the Pliio Clothing Filers are guaranteed to tidy up almost every wardrobe making the clothes constantly visible and easily accessible.

Besides filing the Pliio-folded clothes in drawers and shelves, Kumar has also come up with the Pliio Organizing Boxes. These boxes are specially designed to hold Pliio-folded clothes and are packed flat for even more space saving. They can be unfolded in a matter of seconds to hold from six to 12 Pliio-folded shirts. When travelling, the Pliio Organizing Boxes are perfect to take along to store your clothes so they don’t come into contact with potentially dirty hotel surfaces.

So how does it work? Here’s our demo with a bunch of scarves that were in an untidy pile:


















As per the instructions above, the Pliio filers was placed in the middle of the scarf. The sides were then folded over on the sides and bottom. When your items is folded around the filer, you simply fold upwards alond the filer’s creases for an instant, tidy bundle.




And, the finished pile ready to store!

The Pliio Clothing Filers are available at Bed Bath and Beyond and come in packs of 10 file organizers.

Retail: $19.99 per pack.











—By Sarah Khan and Toni-Marie Ippolito







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