Smashbox-Full-Exposure-Palette-1Still fussing over how to apply your eye shadow? This new palette by Smashbox may be the last thing you need to get that perfect look once and for all.

I don’t know about you, but even after years of exposure to the beauty industry, and its group of experts, I still struggle to get that perfect eyeshadow application on my own. From a nude, subtle look to a more dramatic smoky eye—it’s challenging to know where to apply each shade. So when I got the new eye palette from one of my favourite brands, Smashbox, I was thrilled to not only see my favourite shadow shades perfectly curated in one palette, but also because of the eye chart it comes with.

With Smashbox’s new Full Exposure Palette, getting the perfect look for your eyes is made easy. It doesn’t just tell you where to apply a shade, but also offers a cool, breakthrough chart that tells you how to apply shadow according to your eye shape.


Inspired by dressing to your body shape, Smashbox created this palette and eye chart so that everyone can create their own perfect look. After nine years of research looking at more than 5,000 eyes, the Smashbox R&D team narrowed it down to six main shapes—Almond Eyes, Round Eyes, Upturned Eyes, Downturned Eyes, Monolid Eyes and Hooded Eyes. The Smashbox artists then created how-to’s based on these shapes giving you options for three looks: Day, Night and Defined.



The Smashbox Full Exposure palette includes 14 neutral shades—from nudes to blacks—in  shimmers and velvety smooth mattes, a soft, double-ended brush and a sample size of Full Exposure Mascara. Available at Murale $58.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito


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