Just in time for the holiday season, Jessica Alba brings her popular Honest Company, toxic-free products to Canada.

From diapers, wipes, sunscreen and multivitamins to dish soap, laundry pods and glass cleaner, all of Honest’s family essentials are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and packaged using stylish, modern designs. Featuring a large variety of eco-friendly products for the home, The Honest Company prides itself on being affordable and efficient and free of toxins. But most of all, says Alba, products that actually work!

Founded by Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane, the Honest Company was born to satisfy the needs of parents who want their children to be raised without non-toxic and eco-friendly products. “As a Certified B Corporation, The Honest Company is especially dedicated to protecting people and the planet and cares passionately about transforming this world for the better,” explained Christopher Gavigan, the company’s Chief Product Officer and co-founder.

Jessica-Alba-Honest-CompanyAfter becoming a mother and searching high and low for products sans harmful chemicals, Alba decided to take the plunge and create just the products she and thousands of other mothers desired. “ I knew it needed to be easier for parents to find non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are effective, convenient and affordable from one trusted source,” “Before The Honest Company, much of my time as a mom was spent looking for safe and healthy options for my kids,” Alba says.  “I knew it needed to be easier for parents to find non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are effective, convenient and affordable from one trusted source.”

With more than two years of success in the United States, The Honest Company is finally making its more than 50 natural and environmentally conscious products available in Canada. “Bringing Honest to Canada was a natural extension of our commitment to contributing healthy, innovative solutions to the marketplace and making it easier for families everywhere to live healthier and happier every day,” says Gavigan.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone or just want to make environmentally conscious changes to your home lifestyle, is your one-stop shop for healthier  product choices.

Popular bundles available such as the Housewarming Essentials, the Winter Survival kit, House Warming Essentials or the Hostess Bundle, would make the perfect gifts for that special someone or your holiday host.

In addition to these packages, Honest Company offers a broad selection of soy candles, healing balms, sunscreen, laundry pods, glass cleaners and beautiful dish soaps, which can all be gifted in the new 100% cotton Honest tote bag.

In addition to awesome products to improve your life, The Honest Company also offers a lifestyle blog called Honestly (, which provides fun tips and DIY products to help keep your home safe and free of unwanted toxins. There is also a smartphone app called HonestBaby which helps mothers keep track of their babies’ growth, special moments, doctors visits and much more all in real time.






—Sarah Khan

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