Attention all “Beasties” producers of Beauty and the Beast say it won’t be smooth sailing for Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk on Season Two. Can their love survive?

All “Beasties” (the legions of fans dedicated to all things Beauty and The Beast) who were left aghast at the Season One finale needn’t worry for any longer. The stars of the CW’s hit show—and People’s Choice award winner— dished on what fans can expect for the series’ second season this fall while at Comic-Con 2013.

Season One of Beauty and the Beast left off with Vincent kidnapped, which left fans worrying about his fate. Actor Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent, spoke at this year’s Comic-Con to explain Vincent’s role in the upcoming season. “There are a lot of changes for season two for Vincent, even a new beast look,” he said during the panel discussion.

Ryan later revealed some juicy facts about episode one of season two, titled “Who Am I?” “Vincent’s still missing three months later,” Ryan said. “So JT’s out looking for him, Catherine’s out looking for me, Tess is out looking for him and even, you know, Gabe [Sendhil Ramamurthy], who was shot in the chest sixteen times, may make a comeback.”

Ryan also revealed that Vincent was back in the hands of Muirfield (his creators) who plan on turning Vincent into the cold-blooded killer they ultimately wanted him to be. “The whole Jekyll and Hyde thing I spoke about in season one is definitely gonna be very prominent in Vincent’s mind in this season coming forth,” Ryan continued

Kristin Kreuk, who plays Vincent’s love interest Catherine, was also present to shed light on the season two. “The second season’s going to be all about the question of ‘Who am I?’ for everybody on the show,” Kreuk said. “For Catherine, it’s really ‘Who am I not identified with Vincent, knowing that the family I thought I had isn’t the family that I actually have; who am I as a woman on my own, essentially.’”

As for the fate of Catherine and Vincent’s relationship, Executive Producer Jennifer Levin said, “This year is about how hard it is to be in love,” adding that fans will be able to see Catherine as an individual separate from Vincent. Light will also be shed on Catherine’s mysterious family past with her father playing a key role. “We won’t tease [who Catherine’s father is] too long,” said Executive Producer Sheri Cooper promised about her mysterious father whom Catherine will go searching for.

While the return of Gabe is what has fans most excited, Cooper adds that J.T. (Austin Basis) will also have a much bigger role in the second season. “We didn’t use him enough [last year]. Is there a bigger secret we haven’t revealed yet?” she said, hinting that J.T. may have a new romance in season two.

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New characters that will become crucial to the story are also on the horizon for season two, but the panel kept mum on those details. Beauty and the Beast returns to the CW on October 10.


—By Sarah Khan

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