While Bill and Eric set their vampire saving plans motion, Sookie gets ready to slay the most notorious of them all.

True Blood, Season 6, Episode 3, “You’re No Good”—As we inch along the many plots that have been laid out for us this season, nothing was better in this episode than that scene with Bill and Sookie, in the notorious Stackhouse kitchen, which is always guaranteed to take some sort of beating and the welcoming of the big bad Eric we know and love.

One thing that’s missed is the interaction between Bill and Sookie. So when Bill, in all his Lilith-induced glory, barges into Sookie’s demanding her fairy blood, we couldn’t be happier. So why exactly does Bill want Sookie’s faery blood? It’s diabolical, really. Bill reveals to Jessica, after a foiled plan to walk in the sun that had him lit up in flames, that he plans to save vampires by kidnapping Professor Takahashi, credited with synthesizing blood to create TruBlood, to do the same with faerie blood. Jessica helps Bill by getting all sexed up as a coed and luring the professor into her trap. Of course, Sookie knows none of this. So when Bill uses his swanky new powers and confronts Sookie about giving him her blood, she refuses and says, “You’re not God, Bill, you’re just an asshole!” The perfect zinger of the night!

All is not lost for Bill, though. After leaving Sookie’s Bill hits the jackpot. When Bill runs into Andy Belfleur after leaving Sookie’s, he smells something on a stuffed animal in the front seat of his car. Andy talks about his newfound fatherhood and Bill realizes his offspring are half-faes.

Although we don’t know exactly if Bill’s plan is totally self-serving, Eric’s approach is much more hands on. Eric shakes things and kidnaps Willa Burrell, the governor’s daughter. Trying to gain leverage against Burrell, who plans to obliterate all vamps, Eric takes Willa to Fangtasia to get all of her daddy’s secrets. She tells him her father is using taxpayer money to build a vampire camp - part prison, part research facility - where scientists conduct experiments on vampires. (Ironically, it is Steve Newlin, former Fellowship of the Sun founder-turned vamp, who is caught in the camp.)

True-Blood-Season-6-E-3-EricKnowing that the Governor is on his tail, Eric takes an annoyingly reluctant Pam (does anyone else hate this Pam/Tara thing?), Tara and Willa to a safe house. Ding dong…It’s Ginger! Woo hoo! Letting them in thinking she’s finally going to get a little “something, something” from Eric, the colourful and seriously missed Ginger is duped into giving Pam, Tara and Willa refuge in her home from the Governor. While snuggled together in Ginger’s underground coffin, Willa dishes more Burrell family secrets to Eric that gives him more leverage. Later, Eric calls the Governor to confirm that he hasn’t killed Willa yet but this still irks Tara, who later takes Willa and runs off with her. As if they didn’t have enough problems, Eric and Pam discover they’re missing and go after them. Way to cause more chaos Tara.

In Warlow news, granddaddy Niall is still on watch at the Stackhouse residence, waiting for the notorious vampire to appear. Meanwhile, Jason seems to be getting more ill. Could it be that Jason has some kind of supernatural power after all? He continues to get massive headaches that are getting so bad he’s blacking out.

Later Niall visits the hidden Faerie Club only to find out that a powerful vampire has massacred everyone. Conveniently, Niall runs into Ben in the meadow and invites him back to the Stackhouse place to help in their fight. But can Ben be trusted?

Back at Sookie’s, Ben flirts with Sookie by helping her clean the kitchen. Niall then senses a vampire outside, and he and Ben spring into action, only for Niall to blast down Nora. But when Jason’s collapses, and they all rush to his aid, Nora escape s before Niall can learn how she knows about Warlow.

In other news, against alpha pack leader Alcide’s orders, Rikki launches a full-on deadly attack against Nicole and the VUSers, who are caught with their undercover cameras and recorders.  Amid the scuffle, Sam rescues Emma from Martha’s cabin. As they escape, Sam spots Nicole hobbling into the woods, having been bitten by a wolf Rikki.


True Blood airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Canada.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito


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