Sookie’s faery grandfather comes to town, Eric finds a new victim and a new hottie comes to Bon Temps.

True Blood, Season 6, Episode 2, “The Sun”—When we last left Jason, he was confronted with the show’s newest and most powerful enemy, Warlow. But as it turns out, the mad-looking dude with the crazy hair turned out to be Jason and Sookie’s fae grandfather instead. Not sure I really get the confusion and why he claimed to be Warlow in the first place, but OK, whatever.

It seems that faery grand dad is in town to help his kin defeat the evil vampire Warlow. Turns out the reason Sookie smells so good and tastes so delicious to vamps is that her bloodline is of faery royalty—the purist of its kind. Of course, Warlow is obsessed with the Stackhouse bloodline.

During a pow wow at Sookie’s, faery granddad, Niall, helps her harness her inner light power but then tells her that her ball of light, more powerful than the sun, can kill any vampire. But the downside of it is that Sookie will have only one chance to use her lightning ball, and then she’ll be “fae no longer.” Does this mean she’ll also lose her telepathic powers?

Sookie also meets Ben, a half-faery like herself, who was just casually bleeding-out on a riverbank after being attacked by a vampire. Intrigued by this handsome stranger, Sookie offers to take him to the hidden faerie club where he’ll be safe. After he offers to take her out to repay her for her kindness, she tells him she can’t dive into anything romantic. “It’s not you. I just shouldn’t be taking walks with handsome strangers. It never ends well,” she says. Now that she’s dropped Bill and Eric, Sookie needs some manly fire in her life and something tells me she won’t resist his advances past another episode. But is this guy who he says he is, and does he have abs good enough to stack up to Eric and Alcide’s?

True-Blood-Season-6-E2-2Meanwhile, the extra curricular activities of the townsfolk of Bon Temps hits an all time vampire-killing high. Trying to figure things out, Eric  undercover in pure dork mode to Governor Burrell’s place and tries to glamour him into leaving the vampurrs alone. It doesn’t work, much to Eric’s surprise, and he’s immediately taken into custody. But, of course Eric alludes capture and flies away, as Eric does, and later appears in the window where a beautiful woman invites him in; another mystery figure is added to the bunch.

At the Compton house, Billith goes into a catatonic state and sees Lilith and her bloody naked followers telling him to follow out him that he must follow out her mission. Bill also has visions of vampires being tortured. Jessica realizes that Bill has the power to see the future when he wakes to see a TV newscast about human-on-vampire violence. Bill then tells Jess that he’s just seen another vision: Eric, Nora, Pam, Tara and Jessica burning to death in a white room. “We’re all going to burn,” he says.

In other news, all of the other story lines involving Alcide, Sam, Arlene, Andy and Lafayette, are trying to stay alive—or rather, keep us interested.

Sam returns home to Lafayette, who’s been babysitting Emma. Alcide shows up with Rikki and Martha to return Emma to her pack, but Sam refuses. Emma is then snatched up by her grandmother while Alcide socks Sam and Lafayette out cold.

Arlene and Terry are confronted by Patrick’s wife who suddenly and unexpectedly walks into Merlotte’s. She doesn’t know how Patrick died and this makes Terry nervous. Seriously, though, do we really need reminding of Terry’s awful storyline from last year? 

One of the show’s most colourful characters, Andy, is also hanging on by a thread as we got another quick glimpse of him chasing after his rapidly growing half-faery brood.

Also, a young woman, Nicole Wright, shows up at Merlotte’s and approaches Sam - she knows what he is. She says she’s the co-founder of the Vampire Unity Society, and she wants Sam to share his story with the world in order to save vampires and other supes.

There’s no doubt, with the introduction to Sookie’s and Jason’s faery grandfather in the mix, the old campy True Blood is back in full form. But if the story takes away Sookie’s fae powers, which includes her famous telepathic abilities, will we still be interested in our favourite heroine?

Arlene reminded us is this episode that she’s still “just a waitress” but will we ever get to see Sookie back in her Merlotte’s uniform any time soon? One can only hope.


True Blood airs on Sundays at 9 pm EST on HBO and HBO Canada.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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