While Dany continues her own war out in the east, back in Westeros, relationships take hold and Jaime “the Kingslayer” Lannister becomes a true hero.

Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 7, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”—As GOT reaches the half mark, The Bear and the Maiden Fair episode slowed things down a bit, but for good reason. Focusing on relationships between characters like Jon Snow and Ygritte, Robb Stark and his pregnant queen, Tyrion and Shea as well as Tywin and Joffrey, was all meant for us to take more stock into these characters and make us care. But for what, exactly?

In the Wilding camp, as they continue their journey south, Jon learns the code of the people beyond the wall from Orell—who nearly killed him and Ygritte during their climb— telling him that the wildings “love each other when it suits them and they kill each other when it suits them.” Later, during a conversation with Ygritte, Jon tries to set her straight telling her they can’t win the war against the army at Castle Black, reminding her it’s happened six times, all with devastating loss on her people. What was interesting, though, is when Jon says to Ygritte, “you will all die.” Ygritte catches on to the “you people” part and reminds Jon that he is hers and if they die, they die together, which throws Jon off. So, is Jon really loyal to Ygritte and the Wildings? Perhaps not, and we can only expect devastation here at some point.

Gameofthrones-Robb-Stark-S3E7On their way to Walder Frey’s home for the wedding of Edmure Tully to one of his bazillion daughters, Robb has an intimate moment with his wife, Talisa, who tells the king of the north that she’s pregnant. You couldn’t help getting a feeling of doom and gloom when Talisa makes Robb promise that they travel to her homeland of Volantis when the war is over and he says “Yes, I promise.” (What else would you expect from George R.R. Martin?)

King Joffrey, ensconced on his throne, calls a meeting with his Hand, Lord Tywin Lannister. Joffrey takes issue with the location of his Small Council meetings and inquires about rumors of dragons. Tywin’s pointed responses make it clear to Joffrey that his grandfather is the one in charge.

At King’s Landing, the scene pans to King Joffrey looking exceptionally small as he sits on the Iron Throne waiting his grandfather, Tywin, to meet with him. He asks Tywin about the rumor of a Targaryen with dragons in the east and commands his grandfather that they must do something. Tywin begins to give a history lesson about how the Targaryens all died and makes a point of making Joffrey seem even more insignificant than he already is by letting him know that he is actually the one in charge.

Lady Margaery also let’s us know that she’s in charge of her destiny. She continues to counsel Sansa on the duties of being a good wife and tells her she will get use to her marriage to Tyrion. She tells Sansa, to make the best of her duty and that if they have a child it will be the heir of Casterly Rock. This doesn’t really seem to soothe the Stark beauty who has been mentally tortured since she was taken hostage in season one.

Tyrion, on the other hand, has seemed to accept his duty and is mostly uneasy about bedding a woman at her young age. But Shea doesn’t take the news lightly. In private, he presents Shae with expensive golden chains, telling her that she can buy a ship with them if she wants to. She doesn’t accept the gift and believes that once he marries Sansa, their relationship will be over. Where will that leave Shea? Another woman scorned in King’s Landing doesn’t look good for Tyrion.

In the Brotherhood Without Banners camp, Arya yearns for Gendry, who learns from Melisandre that his is a Baratheon. When the men get up to lead a raid on some Lannisters nearby, Arya realizes she will not be taken to Riverrun and her family so she flees. She runs into the forest only to be caught by the Hound. What else did you expect? You know a Stark hardly ever gets a break.

Out east, Dany, who is looking rather haggard these days, continues her slave raid to the Yunkai who don’t welcome her with open arms. At this point, do we care? I suppose there’s a reason for this, her lingering on in the east, but like in the books, it’s a little too dragged out.

Jaime-Lannister-GOT-S3-E7When Dany meets with leader Razdal mo Eraz, he offers her gold and ships if she and her Unsullied agree to leave in peace and go back to Westeros. Now, with an Unsullied army of thousands and three dragons, why wouldn’t she just accept and go fight back in Westeros for her throne? Instead, Dany continues her quest on freeing slaves. When she demands that Razdal free all slaves, he declines warning her that they have powerful friends protecting the city and that she better watch her back.

Back in who knows where, Theon continues to be tortured. When two women approach him for some fun, Theon realizes that it’s another trap. Just when Theon begins to enjoy the company of these two women, in comes his capture with a few men. His captor tells Theon that he is about to lose his greatest asset and at that moment, he realizes he’s about to be castrated.

At Harrenal Jaime is released by Lord Bolton—who is on his way to the Tully/Frey wedding. Jaime says goodbye to Brienne who is left there to die. Brienne reminds Jaime to hold his promise to return the Stark girls home, to which is swears to once again.  On his way home, Jaime realizes that Locke, who’s holding Brienne hostage, has refused Lord Tarth’s reward for her return. Jaime then bribes the men to go back and save her.

At the castle, Jaime finds a crowd watching Brienne fighting a huge bear with a wooden sword. Jaime then jumps into the pit to get between the bear and Brienne and saves her.

Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Canada.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito






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