When tragedy strikes the country on April 4, 2021 with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the folks on Madison Avenue forget their destructive ways and turn to the people they normally turn away from: their families. But is it too late?

It seems that the folks at SCDP didn’t really know how to react to Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. At the ANDY awards ceremony, while the gang complains about being too close to the kitchen and unable to see their host, Paul Newman, someone screams out that Martin Luther King (MLK) has been shot dead. The mood quickly changes and everyone scrambles to find their place. Pete takes off, Peggy’s boyfriend Abe flees towards the action—in what he deems is the story of a lifetime for the New York Times—and Don, Megan and Peggy stay for the rest of the ceremony. According to Don, what more can they do?

The next day, the reaction has a domino effect. Still reeling from being shot down by Trudy the night before to go home, Pete lets his emotions fly high when he meets up with “chip-on-his-shoulder” Harry, who complains about the news interrupting the primetime schedule. Pete yells at Harry for being selfish and racist. In proper fashion, Bert Cooper runs out of his office sans socks and make the two shake hands.  But Pete isn’t having it. He sternly tells Harry, “I’m sure you can make your money back on some Movie of the Week next Fall about the death of a great man,” and reminds him that MLK was a father of four kids.

At CGC, Peggy sees that her secretary has made it in and tells her to go home. She gives her a heartfelt embrace and the two share a nice moment. At SCDP, when Dawn shows up to work and arrives in Don’s office, she’s met by Joan, who tells her to also go home, and gives her the most awkward embrace. Dawn didn’t seem to get why Joan was consoling her.

While the streets are in mourning and disarray, Betty forbids the kids to watch the events on TV. She later scolds Bobby who has been slowly picking away at the wallpaper in his room. Weirdly, she says, “Why are you destroying this house?” Yeah, like a comment like that won’t screw up a kid. Later, on a downward spiral Betty calls the Draper house freaking out on Don for not picking up the kids. Reluctantly he picks them up, and continues to ignore them. He later admits that maybe he doesn’t love them to Megan, which is alarming.

The next day Megan takes Gene and Sally to a vigil in the park. Bobby fakes being ill and stays behind. Don later takes him to see Planet of the Apes, which fascinates both of them enough to see it twice. Bobby tells Don that he’s being punished at home for the “wallpaper not lining up.”

In other interesting events, Peggy, whose been fighting hard to make her mark in a man’s world, meets an obstacle she didn’t expect: a woman. When her real estate agent finds out that she and Abe are not married, she sabotages her bid for an apartment on the Upper East Side.

At SCDP, Roger brings an off-the-wall client in to discuss a new campaign that he thinks is the wave of the future. The man describes what he sees in his property insurance ad: “Our name and a Molotov cocktail being lit with a match. And then a coupon at the bottom.” Say what? Coupons are the wave of the future? Don immediately shoots it down.


Mad Men airs on Sundays at 10 pm on AMC.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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