Find yourself pressed for time every morning? This new moisturizer in a can will change the way you hydrate. Best of all, it only takes seconds!

Even though we hate to admit it, we all love to minimize our beauty routines when we’re pressed for time or on the run. It may not seem like a long process, but hydrating your entire body with cream takes a chunk of your “getting-ready time” in the mornings. After you apply your moisturizer, you also need to let yourself dry off before you put on your fab wardrobe.

So how can you speed things along? A few months go, while attending a beauty event, I was introduced to a new product: Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizers. At the time, they weren’t released on the market so I was both excited and intrigued to try them. Once I did, I wasn’t disappointed.

What is it exactly? The Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer is body cream in a can. The spray lotion is fast to apply and quick to dry. You simply hold the can about four inches from skin and spray over area. Because of the spray action, you can quickly cover a large area with a light spritz of cream. With a quick rub in, you’re done and you can put your clothes on immediately afterwards (and yes, you really can, I put it to the test!). Seconds later, you can feel the softness of your skin. Even my hands felt baby-skin soft.

The Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizers come in three non-greasy formulas:

Vaseline® Spray & GoMoisturizer Dry Skin contains pure oat extract and has a light, creamy scent.

Vaseline® Spray & GoMoisturizer Aloe Fresh contains pure aloe leaving skin feeling rejuvenated. The subtle aloe scent gives you a fresh pick-me-up, which also makes it the perfect choice to use after a day at the beach to soothe your skin.

Vaseline® Spray & GoMoisturizer Cocoa Radiant contains pure cocoa butter that smells heavenly. Since the Cocoa Radiant moisturizer contains a richer formula it ignites skin’s natural glow.

And because the can is so light, and has a lock, it can easily slip into your tote bag for a quick moisture pick me up anywhere you go.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito



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