Trudy takes charge of suburbia; Peggy learns a lesson, and Don continues to service Sylvia via the service door. How will is tall play out?With every action, there’s a reaction, and in Don’s case, and for the rest of the crew at SCDP, the consequences are about to be felt.

I must admit, it’s nice to see Don fall back into his cheating ways only because it’s making Mad Men a bit more interesting and Don not so boring. However, I’m not sure how many times he can use getting cigarettes as an excuse for slipping away into Sylvia’s bed via the service door.

But somehow he’s getting away with it, for now. “We have to be careful we don’t fall in love,” Sylvia tells Don as they get hot and heavy. But as she shows signs of jealousy towards Don, and with Don slipping her some extra cash after sex, this torrid little affair between Don and Sylvia will no doubt end badly.

At SCDP Pete continues his angry rant towards Don. I can just see it coming: Pete getting socked in the face again. It’s been a few seasons since someone punched out Pete, and I think this season he has a big one coming. He’s obviously still going through a crisis and has apparently taken to having affairs as frequent as Roger reaches for a drink, with his recent fling with his neighbour Brenda.

Pete’s bitten off more than he can chew, though. Isn’t that always the case with him? When his little side dish, Brenda, appears at their door screaming with a bloody face, both Trudy and Pete hear her husband yell from across the street,  “Hey, Campbell! She’s your problem now!” Hey, Pete, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to shit wear you eat?

Trudy reminds him of that. The next morning, she confronts Pete about his infidelity and tells him that the jig is up. Instead of divorce, however, Trudy says: “I’m drawing a fifty mile radius around this house, and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.” Trudy doesn’t fail.

Back at the office, Joan is reminded of how she sealed the deal on making herself a partner at the firm. Will she ever really be seen as true partner because of this?

When slimy Herb Rennet from Jaguar comes to the office Joan tells him where to go. That doesn’t stop Herb from strong arming Pete and Don into changing their campaign so he can sell more cars and be a local hero this side of the pond. But when the English Jaguar team comes for the meeting, Don cleverly gets back at Herb by halfheartedly pitching his dumb strategy. The Jaguar executives reject the idea. “That was the deftest self-immolation I’ve ever seen,” Roger later says. Don reminds them that they can’t say yes to everything this guy says. Of course, this angers Pete. Kudos to Don for standing up to this douche bag, and for Joan.

At rival agency CGC, Peggy finally steps into the big leagues. After learning from a highly baked Stan that the Heinz Baked Ben guy hates the Heinz Ketchup guy (the king of condiments), she tells her boss Ted. Later, Ted tells Peggy to go after the account and take it away from SCDP. Peggy at first refuses but is left the file and Ted’s words that she shouldn’t be underestimated. All the power to Peggy, but with the way she’s been carrying on, perhaps she should take her staff’s advice and use that bottle of Quest feminine powder they put on her desk.

We also got treated to another one of Don’s Dick Whitman flashbacks giving us a glimpse into little Dick’s upbringing.  Seeking help in her delicate condition, Dick’s pregnant mother, Abigail, goes to her sister Ernestine’s “rooming house” for shelter.  The young Dick later witnesses his mother in bed with a man, which gives us insight as to why Don treats women the way he does.

Later, Megan tells Don that she miscarried a few weeks earlier and admits she wants children with him. He tells her, “I want what you want,” which makes her happy.

It doesn’t stop him from seeking out Sylvia later on. When Don knocks on the Rosens’ service door Arnold answers.


Maybe he should have asked him for cigarettes.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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