Hey, have you heard? SoftSoap skin is in™! These body washes will not only transform your shower into a spa-like experience, they’ll also get your skin healthy and soft. So go ahead, and enter to win your own SOFTSOAP GIFT BASKET!


Now that summer is on its way, it’s time to ditch the heavy sweaters, winter coats and boots in place of summer dresses, tank tops, shorts and sandals. But is your skin ready to be exposed?

It’s no secret that the cold winter weather does damage to your skin, making it rough, flaky and dry. We all know that the key to healthy skin is moisturization and exfoliation, and although you may be applying your favourite lotion, it may not be enough. The trick is to start treating your skin while in the shower.

With Softsoap’s body washes your skin will get the moisture it needs to become soft, smooth and healthy. The best thing is that they come in nine different formulas in two collections including:

The Fragrance Collection – The body washes in this collection are intense fruity and floral scents that will indulge your senses. The Softsoap formulas include moisturizing properties to deliver maximum hydration. They include the energizing “Sweet Honeysuckle Orange Peel”, “Juicy Pomegranate” and “Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion,” (with moisture beads), as well as the creamier versions “Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus” and “Creamy Milk Protein & Honey.”

The Body Butter Collection – These washes are rich and creamy. The thick, sweet-smelling formulas are designed to energize you with their naturally-inspired fragrances as well as moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Varieties come in “Strawberry Scrub” and “Coconut Scrub Body Buff” washes, with exfoliating beads, and “Heavenly Vanilla” and “Shea Butter.”

The Review: The ultra-rich formulas will transform your shower into an indulgent spa-like experience (especially the citrus scents!). Personally, because my skin was dry after a recent trip to Central America, I immediately gravitated to the the exfoliating “Body Butter Coconut Scrub” (pictured left). It has a divine coconut scent that transcended me back to the tropics.

As I lathered it on and scrubbed my body, my skin instantly felt exfoliated and renewed. The next day, I tried the “Body Butter Shea Butter” wash with almond oil extract, which left my skin super hydrated and smooth. For those who love a pick-me-up in the morning, the “Sweet Honeysuckle Orange Peel” is the perfect choice for an early morning shower. The citrus-y scent will definitely perk you up while it tickles your senses!

All three varieties I tested each had great texture and lather. Needless to say, my skin was instantly transformed  from dull and dry to healthy, soft and smooth.

Want to have your own Softsoap experience? See below on how to win all nine Softsoap body washes. Try them all or share them with family and friends!



Give your skin the moisture it deserves!
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Terms and Conditions: Contest ends April, 10, 2013.
Canadian Residents only.




  1. Marie on said:

    I would love to win! I love testing out samples. The Sweet Orange one sounds good!

  2. Lina Fontana on said:

    MMMMM…they sound amazing, I can wait to try these.

  3. Eva Somora on said:

    Want to try the honey suckle and citrus splash and berry. I can’t wait to try these on my skin. I can just smell the freshness these will leave behind.

  4. Rita Handson on said:

    Are these out yet? I’m looking for a body wash that will give a good lather.

  5. Kelly Crowe on said:

    Oh, I want to win this!!!!

  6. Julia on said:

    Pick me Pick me….I love body washes.

  7. Sirena Fontaine on said:

    These products sound great!!! love to win!!!!

  8. Ann on April 3,2021 at 7:58 said:

    I love this soap……I want to win

  9. sandy on said:

    sandy on April 3,2021 said:
    I tried this stuff it’s amazing!!!!!!!!

  10. Theresa on said:

    I would love to win this SoftSoap gift basket!! Thanks for having this contest on your site.

  11. jordi on said:

    Sounds awesome! Pick me!

  12. Kiera on said:

    OMG I love this stuff! It is all over my house! My fav!!!

  13. michael on said:

    I love the pomegranate and mango. Softsoaps are one of the few that don’t have that overwhelming chemical smell that gives me headaches.

  14. angela m on said:

    The Strawberry scrub sounds amazing, thanks for the giveaway

  15. sylvia S on said:

    would love to win the collection…. my dry winter skin needs some serious moisture!

  16. yvonne on said:

    awesome! i love softsoap (bodywash, handsoap) and the new scents sound amazing. hope i win!

  17. Brenda Penton on said:

    I have the Shea Butter hand soap and I love the smell! I’d love to try the Coconut Scrub!

  18. Mya G on said:

    I’m totally a body wash gal! Hope I win!

  19. Joelle on said:

    I love this product! It’s one of the few that I can actually use without having an allergic reaction.

    My fav is the Shea Butter but I would LOVE to try the Coconut Scrub

  20. Brenda Morris on said:

    I’d love to win! All nine? Wow! I love Softsoap products.

  21. Ally Petrie on said:

    I LOVE these soaps!!! The pomegranate-mango is my favourite!!
    I can’t wait to try some of the new ones!

  22. Tanya Au Coin on said:

    I would love to win to try out these great products

  23. Darwin on said:

    Great giveway. I want to try the coconut scrub.

  24. Robin Stevenson on said:

    Definitely want to try the coconut scrub.

  25. Carrie Bloomfield on said:

    I love Softsoap!!! I currently use the strawberry scrub and coconut scrub! Would love to try out the other ones!

  26. Lori Peters on said:

    love softsoap products

  27. suman on said:

    Love to try these products

  28. joanne on said:

    love to try the different products

  29. Jack on said:

    I hope I win, would like to try these new products.

  30. Nancy on said:

    I love all tropical fruity smell, and coconut, and honey; all sounds great and exciting, can’t wait to try, won’t be long when I win them all…

  31. Elaine on said:

    WOW — these products sound amazing!

  32. Elinor on said:

    Hey, I haven’t seen these out yet. I would love to win Interesting fragrances. Love anything coconut.

  33. Caroline P on said:

    Love to try me some bodywash. I use the hand soap and it’s great.

  34. Rita on said:

    These sound awsome. Love to win!

  35. Diane on said:

    Great contest! I could always use bodywash!

  36. Irene on said:

    Count me in! Would love to win these and try them all!

  37. Jan Dre on said:

    I’d like to enter!

  38. Karen E on said:

    I love Softsoap but haven’t tried their body washes.

  39. Lauren on said:

    These look fantastic!

  40. Natalie B on said:

    These sound amazing!! And my skin definitely needs the moisture/all the help it can get before the summer is here

  41. Lisa Dillon on said:

    The fragrances sound amazing and I’d love to try the body butter line- winning the gift basket would be great!

  42. Maria Speer on said:

    I love the Coconut Scrub and the Shea Butter! but would love to try all the other flavours !
    They sound decadent!!!

  43. Katie on said:

    I would love to win this gift basket! I have always loved trying new Softsoap washes, and absolutely love their product

  44. Ellen on said:

    Nice Contest!

  45. Sarah Kay on said:

    Skin is in! LOL Sign me up!

  46. Olivia L on said:

    They all sound so yummy! The body butter ones look especially good, at the end of a long winter and dry skin. Thanks for the chance!

  47. Mary Bryden on said:

    Sign me up too!

  48. Sonya X on said:

    I love coconut but would love to try the others.

  49. Maddie on said:

    I haven’t tried these yet. Hope I win!

  50. Maria L on said:

    I’m definitely a body wash gal. I’d love to enter.

  51. Jonnie on said:

    These all look so nice! I love the different bottle shapes and the Strawberry Scrub sounds amazing!

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