The season finale of The Walking Dead saw the end of major characters and a war that kept us on our toes all season. But did it fall flat?

The season finale of The Walking Dead marked the end of what was a pretty spectacular season, which unfortunately hit a dead end in the final episode. In fact, we finally reached the climax we’ve been waiting for all season long, with no satisfaction or pleasure.

As the Governor and his crew finally reached the prison —for what was to be the final showdown—Rick and the gang strategically manipulated the situation, ambush style and quickly sent the Woodbury attackers running (really, that’s it?). Although bullets flew, it was pretty unsatisfying overall.

To drive the fact further that the Governor is a complete wacko, he later almost kills his entire crew for messing up. Two of his men stay with him and they drive off and we don’t see the Governor any longer.

Back at Woodbury, things with Andrea come to a head. She doesn’t get tortured in the “torture” chair but is set to become Milton’s first zombie meal. When the Governor kills Milton in front of Andrea, he locks them up together for what was the longest scene watching Andrea struggle to get herself free. Mind you, she really took her time getting those pliers Milton planted for her by her feet. I say, if she didn’t waste precious time talking to Milton while he was in the process of dying, she could have gotten herself out of those cuffs.

When Rick, Daryl and Michonne go looking for the Governor back at Woodbury, they discover the massacre and a survivor who goes back to the town with them. The Woodbury woman then vouches for them when they reach the Woodbury wall manned by Tyrese and Sasha, who finally acknowledge they’re in a bad situation. But they’re too late for Andrea.

When they discover the Governor’s torture chamber, they find Andrea on the floor, bitten in the neck. Zombie Milton is dead but it seems she couldn’t save herself in time, or did she even want to? Rick assures her she’s still one of them and forgives her. It was sad to see Michonne stay by Andrea while she shoots herself in the head.

The finale ended with Rick bringing the remaining members of Woodbury to the prison. “They’re gonna join us,” Rick tells Carl, who is not happy about it. Rick looks up at the catwalk and Lori is not there. No longer seeing visions of Lori perhaps signals the return of Rick’s humanity. How will he fare next season? Will Tyrese be a major player?

Speaking to, actress Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, had this to say about her shocking death and the upcoming season: “I’d like to think Andrea’s death will have meaning. That what she stood for and believed in will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of the people she left behind, because we all learn and grow from one another. I do love that the finale ended [with a shot of] a cross, because I feel that it’s a time for new beginnings and a spiritual awakening. Let the healing begin.”



—Toni-Marie Ippolito





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