Run, Andrea, Run! Andrea finally shows some redeeming qualities by skipping out on Woodbury, and finally admitting that the Governor is crazy, but will she suffer the consequences?

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14, “Prey”—If the Governor seemed creepy all season, then episode 14 showed that he is absolutely one hundred per cent psychotic. With the show putting emphasis on Andrea’s escape from Woodbury, at the urgence of Milton, things are about to heat up with the displaced, and the impending war between the territories.

We’re still not sure what Rick and the prison group have planned for the war, other than using a lot of ammo, but something tells me the Governor is planning something the group may not be ready for. Case in point: the torture chair Andrea and Milton saw while spying on the Governor. But little did Andrea know that she would be looking straight down at her impending fate.

Milton then tells her to get out. Is Milton the main traitor in Woodbury? He should have ran too, because when he gets confronted by the Governor later about someone burning the Governor’s walker reserve, pyscho Gov gave him the eye revealing that he will be dealt with at a later date.

Once Andrea gives Tyrese and Sasha the slip at the perimeter, she tells them that the Governor is crazy. Wait, didn’t Michonne tell her the same thing when they got to Woodbury? Andrea then jumps off the wall and starts heading towards. With the Governor hot on her trail and as she is attacked by several walkers, Andrea proves what she’s been saying since the season began: “I can take care of myself.”

Hot on her tail, the Governor chases Andrea into the woods and manages to trap her in an old warehouse full of walkers. After an intense game of cat and mouse,  the Gov finds Andrea who unleashes a group of walkers on him and manages to escape. When a tired Andrea finally makes it to the prison and attempts to wave down Rick, who spots her through his rifle, she’s suddenly pulled down by the Governor. Rick shakes off the vision thinking that he’s once again seeing people.

The Governor then returns to Woodbury and tells the others he didn’t catch Andrea. He questions Tyrese and Sasha about letting Andrea go and asks them if she told them anything. Tyrese lies and says nothing. By lying, we get the idea that Tyrese is suspicious.

At the end we see Andrea tied and gagged in the Governor’s torture chamber. Will she be the next to go, or will Milton come to her rescue?


—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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