The war is on! While Rick searches for the imaginary Lori and Shane, the Governor makes a surprise and devastating move on the prison gang.

The Walking Dead, Season 3 Episode 10, “Home”—The episode started off a bit slow, following Rick’s declining mental health and his search for Lori and Shane. He seems to think it really means something, but what Rick, what?

And what the heck is up with Glenn? I’m a fan of Glenn’s, especially this season, so it pains me to say that he was tremendously annoying in this episode. I mean, does he really think he can go off on his own, kill the Governor and be the leader of the entire group? I think coming out of that extreme torture in Woodbury has given Glenn a false sense of confidence, even though he was pretty awesome through that episode where he was held hostage. He means well, but after seeing him consult Carl—a child— about fortifying the prison and finding out where Tyreese and his group breached the prison, would you want him as a leader?

While Rick is walking about on the outside of the prison fence talking to imaginary Lori who is cupping his face with her hands, Michonne looks on with her “What the f%#K?” face and probably thinking, “this is the guy who doesn’t want me around?” But it’s Hershel who later confronts Rick in a direct way asking him if “he’s ready to come back” and “how much more time he needs.” Hershel’s being sensitive to Rick because he’s grateful for his leadership but inside he’s really saying, “Come on you crackpot. Get your sh&*t together and get back in here already.”

In the Dixon camp, Daryl saves a family from a walker invasion. Later, Merle holds a gun to the father so he can pillage the care. But Daryl turns his bow on his brother and tells the family to leave. Yes, Merle is ticked, but finally Daryl comes to his senses after Merle sees the whipping scars on his back that Merle isn’t his best hope, he decides to make his way back to the prison and Merle follows. At this point, Merle is a misplaced character and something tells me he may soon be a casualty, although he’s highly entertaining.

Back at the prison, it looks as though Axel’s smooth moves on Carole are working. I mean who wouldn’t fall for a dude who’s been in jail for years and shares his funny stories on how he held up a store with a toy guy? While the two talk and bond, something shocking happens. A bullet hits Axel in the head, killing him instantly. The Governor, stationed  outside the prison, lowers his rifle and his men open fire on the rest of them. Everyone takes cover.

Rick’s group runs for cover as the Governor and his men attack. Kudos to Maggie, who gets a clear shot at one of the Governors men in the high tower (how did he get up there anyway?). The Governor really flexes his muscles when he sends a bread truck crashing through the prison gate letting loose a bunch of walkers. Still outside the fence, Rick is overrun by walkers and just when it looks like he might meet his death, a crossbow pierces one of them. It’s the brothers Dixon coming to save the day. Together, they kill the remaining walkers outside the fence. It’s good to see Daryl back but does this win Merle brownie points?

The Governor leaves with his men looking satisfied. Still not sure why he’s so intent on killing Rick and everyone but as Hershel pointed out in the last episode, “this world creates men like him.” The group will now need a game plan and more bodies. Tyreese, where are you?

But the big burning question is what Andrea will do next and where her allegiance will lie: with the Governor or with Rick and the others. Still not sure why she doesn’t see this guy for the psychopath that he is. Maybe she’s caught Rick’s illness and can’t see past her fake utopian town.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m on AMC.

—Toni-Marie Ippolito


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