The battle begins between the town of Woodbury against the Prison. Can Rick and the gang withstand the psychotic onslaught of the Governor and his crew?

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 9, “The Suicide King”—It’s back! And we thought the Governor was crazy. In the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead chaos erupts between the rival camps but one has to wonder, why? Why can’t they live parallel to one another? This is something that’s a bit mind boggling but in any event, the drama and action (not to mention the fight scenes) is riveting.

We left off with Daryl and Merle pitted against one another in one of the Governor’s most favourite games: the death circle. Andrea pleas to let them be and tells the Governor that Daryl is her friend. Doesn’t Andrea see yet that the Gov, or Phillip as she calls him, doesn’t give two craps about her? Just as things get underway between the brothers fighting for survival, Rick and Maggie save the day. Phew! But this leaves the Governor super, super angry especially when the whole town wants to make a run for it.

When Rick, Maggie, Daryl and Merle flee Woodbury,  a walker enters through the breached wall. Soon after, they meet up on the side of the road with Glen and Michonne and are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to take in Merle. Glenn freaks out and gives a big fat NO. The guy did try to kill Glenn. Rick makes the final decision that Merle cannot join them. It doesn’t help that Merle keeps mouthing them off, even telling them the Andrea is doing it with the Governor. Daryl decides to leave the group and go it alone with his brother. Yeah, that will bode well for Daryl.

Later when Rick breaks the news to Carole that her beloved Daryl is not coming back, she summed it up perfectly to not being able to let go of an abusive relationship.

With Daryl lost, you’d think the group would want to up their numbers but Rick tells Michonne that once she’s patched up, she’s on her way, too.

Meanwhile at Woodbury chaos ensues. Everyone has packed their belongings and try to leave but the Governor’s muscle men won’t let them. I guess they’re in a prison on their own. Andrea steps up and tries to convince them all to stay telling them that they won’t survive on the outside. But does she do this for the Governor or for her own peace of mind. When she finally confronts the Governor about the whole situation with Maggie, Glenn and Daryl he tells her bluntly that she’s “just a visitor” so why would he tell her anything.

Back at the prison, Rick is faced with the decision of what to do with their new guests. Carole points out to Rick, who at this point is a bit unstable, that they won’t be able to fend off the Governor’s men. Hershel makes a point saying they need Tyreese and his people. When Rick says no, Hershel pulls him aside and tries to change his mind. Just when it seems that he’s about to let this small group stay Rick sees a vision of Laurie up above in her wedding dress. It drives him mad and he starts yelling, “I can’t help you! Get out!” Unsure who Rick is screaming at, Tyreese’s group starts to back away and Glenn orders them outside. Everyone stares at Rick as he frantically paces the common room. Why does Rick seem to want to get rid of all the strong people? Nevertheless,  the end of his “Ricktatorship” seems to be coming to an end.

It will be interesting to see what Tyreese, and Michonne, add to the prison group dynamic.


The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito





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