Your holiday parties are piling up and so is your gift list. Still need last minute ideas for your lovely host? Check out these great gifts that are sure to impress everyone.

 (For more ideas check out our Holiday Gift Guide part 1 here)



For the holiday cook, The Recipe Rock is a stylish helps the home chef follow printed recipes easily. The rock and magnet holds up to eight pages and takes up little counter space. $12.49.


Help your host with the starters by bringing exotic cheeses on this Slate Cheese Board set with soapstone chalk. You can then leave the board as your gift! $29 at



Not only are these items from Philosophy festive, they give you a great spa-like experience. Choose from Christmas Cookie shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, $21, Snow Angel set: shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath and body lotion, $29, Candy Cane salt body scrub, $33, and The Gingerbread Man ginger hot salt body scrub, $33.


For the beauty enthusiast, your host will love these little cosmetics boxed sets from Benefit.  From left, Sexy Little Stowaways, $40 and She’s so…Jetset!, $40.


After all that holiday drinking cheer, your host will love this pack from LUSH. Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub will polish skin while the olive oil and mandarin juice in Olive Branch softens and uplifts. The splash of gin in Mr. Punch will give your senses a kick. $23.95.


Make your own gift basket with these soothing spa-like products from Olay. The Olay Soothing Cucumber collection includes  body wash, body lotion and body bar so your host can experience a relaxing shower experience. From $4.99 to $6.99 each.


For the glamour queen, this set is a dream! From voluminous to bold to lengthening to bottom lash, these five must-have mini mascaras from Clinique will help any type of lashes stand out this holiday season. Set includes, High Impact Mascara, High Lengths Mascara, Lash Power Mascara, Lash Doubling Mascara, Bottom Lash Mascara, $34.


You can never go wrong with chocolate. Bring your host a variety of high-end hot chocolate mixes or a delux case of premium chocolate wrapped in gold paper. Tinned Gourmet Hot Chocolate, $5.99 each and Chocolate Golden Bars, $4.99 at Winners.




—Toni-Marie Ippolito









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