In this latest episode of The Walking Dead, we’re reminded that new introductions are fatal in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking”—With torture, rough interrogations and experiments underway at Woodbury, why does something bad feel so good? Not to say that I relish in poor Glenn and Maggie’s misery but episode 7 was full of non-stop action and mystery. Or maybe it’s because finally the climax of the season has finally been reached. Needless to say there were some bloody nasty zombie killings and deaths in this episode and isn’t that what we want to see? But apparently, meeting new people is always met with suspicion and most often ends in death. It’s certainly not on Rick’s agenda.

So when Michonne shows up to the prison amongst a band of hungry zombies, he stares at her for a while…a good looong while…as long as it takes for her to be totally run over by the walkers, who apparently can smell her wounded leg now. But thanks to Carl, he shoots one and that seems to wake Rick up, save her and let her in. My guess is the basket full of easy-to-find baby formula was her get in free card. Anyway, she’s in. Phew.

I haven’t read the comics so the story, thankfully, is still a mystery to me. Why does the Governor care so much about another camp? Why beat poor little Glenn to death? Isn’t it bad enough that these people live in a zombie apocalypse? Merle doesn’t question these things.

As Merle interrogates a bound Glenn, he beats the crap out of him trying to get info, demanding to know the group’s location. Glenn refuses, then head-butts Merle, which was absolute perfection. Pissed off, Merle unleashes a zombie in the interrogation room, leaving Glenn to defend himself tied to a chair.

Glenn kicks some major ass, sans hands, and manages to kill that zombie. This scene has to be the best zombie-killing scene so far this season. Kudos to Glenn! While all of this is going on Maggie is in the next room terrified.

In the prison common room, Rick revives Michonne and asks her name, but she keeps quiet as per usual. I’m not sure why giving her name to people who have saved her is such a big deal but she’s kept up her sour face and furrowed brow pretty well while standing up to Rick and the gang. Hershel gets the bullet out of her leg. She finally talks and tells the group that Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped by Merle and taken to a town called Woodbury—a town of 75 people “run by this guy, calls himself the Governor. Pretty boy, charming, Jim Jones type.” She offers to help them find the town. Oh, and Rick finally sees that Carole is back.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea gets involved in one of Milton’s experiments. The Governor and Milton are trying to find out if the zombies have memories once they’ve turned and Andrea is there to do the final killing. Well, it doesn’t work and Andrea runs back into the arms of the Gov all shaken and fragile. Now that Lori’s gone, Andrea is hated character No. 1. Does anybody else just want to punch her square in the face?

Would Andrea even care if she knew that right under her nose Glenn is being beaten while her beloved lover Governor is stripping Maggie of her clothes? But these tactics aren’t working on the Maggie and Glenn so the Governor does what should have been done to begin with: threaten Glenn at gunpoint in front of Maggie. Yep, that does it. She cries out immediately, “Prison!”

This seems to seriously anger the Governor who I suppose wanted this prison at some point. He turns to Merle and says, “This group, with your brother at its core, has done something you told me couldn’t be done,” he says, questioning Merle’s allegiance. Merle assures the Gov he will not side with his brother. The Governor sends two of his men to scope out the prison.

Meanwhile Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne head to Woodbury. Before they leave Carl tells Rick that his sister has no name. I suppose “ass-kicker,” isn’t a great name, after all. They decide on his old teacher’s name, Judith. Finally, the baby has a name.

On their way to Woodbury Rick and Co. are overrun by walkers and get pinned inside a wood cabin. Aren’t we all thankful that there was a cabin that happened to be right there before them? Inside, they find a crazy old man who has managed to survive on his own. But when he starts to make a fuss, Michonne goes all katana on him. They throw his dead body out the front door to feed the walkers and make a break for it out the back. It all works out perfectly. Another new introduction gone fatal.

But just when things were getting exciting, the episode ended with Rick and the rescue team at the Woodbury perimeter peering at their surveillance team manning their walls. Rick is intrigued. After all, the town is much nicer than the prison.


The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito



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