As the group separates in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the lives of each of the survivor’s are forever changed as the group faces brutal deaths and a major birth.

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 4, “Killer Within”—There was one line that Glenn said in this last, and very emotional episode, that seemed to sum up everyone’s frustration: “Can’t we have just one good day?” Well, no, not in this world.

The episode started with someone mysteriously leaving a deer carcass leading to the prison, even going so far as to leave the heart near the gate. This strategic move does what it’s intended to do, lead the walkers right to Rick and the gang and put them directly in danger. And when Rick and Daryl refuse to let the two remaining prisoners, Oscar and Axel, who suddenly reappear, into their group, they figure it must have been them who’ve unleashed the zombie heard upon them and set off that annoying prison alarm.

Scrambling to avert death, the group gets divided. When T-Dog and Carol find themselves overrun in their attempt to find a safe place he gets bitten in the shoulder and later ends up sacrificing himself so Carol make a break for it. I suppose it’s a sort of redemption for T-Dog, doing this one last good deed for Carol, making up for leaving Merle up on that roof to die. (See ya, dog, it’s been nice knowing you.)

Lori, Carl and Maggie are also wandering the prison barely escaping walkers when they find a boiler room to hide out in. But of course, amidst this perfect chaos, Lori  goes into labor.

While all of this is going on, in the idyllic town of Woodbury, Andrea is becoming a little too comfortable. Michonne, however, still dons her mean, furrowed look, and while she inspects the Nation Guard truck she finds bullet holes and blood, confirming her suspicions that “something in her gut is telling her that all is not right.” The Gov feeds her some B.S., which she doesn’t believe but Andrea takes it all in. If I didn’t know any better, I think Andrea’s has fallen for our mysterious Governor because when it’s time to leave, Andrea tells her she wants to stay a few days more.

Back at the prison, Rick, Daryl and Oscar find the control room that’s sounding the alarm and are surprised to find that dude, Andrew Rick locked out in the previous episode. He wants to take back the prison. As he tries to kill Rick, he and Rick both find themselves at the end of Oscar’s pointed gun. Oscar shoots Andrew. Does this buy Oscar a place in Rick’s crew? Now that T-Dog is gone, they need more bodies, no?

Just when things settle down, the most saddest scene in Walking Dead history hits. Admit it, you cried, or at least got choked up when Maggie was forced to cut open Lori’s belly in order to save the baby. (Too bad Carol, who’s been practicing doing C-sections on walker bodies, didn’t get to use her knife skills.) In her final words, Lori tells Carl how much she loves him and not to let the world spoil him. Maggie, with the baby in her arms, forces Carl to shoot her before she turns—a pretty crappy move on Maggie’s part to let a boy kill his mother when Lor requested that she do it. Bad form Maggie.

When Maggie, Carl and the baby emerge outside to the group, Rick notices Lori didn’t make it. He falls down with grief. Whether you loved or hated Lori, this was the saddest death yet and a gripping scene with Rick.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito




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