The Walking Dead episode 3 finally introduces a new crop of survivors led by the Governor, who is brilliantly played by David Morrissey. But what exactly is his agenda?

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 3,”Walk with Me”—This was the first episode in The Walking Dead series history that Rick Grimes and his gang were not in an episode. Did this bother you? Instead, we were introduced to “The Governor” (David Morrissey) and his new idyllic community of Woodbury, where Andrea and Michonne find their way into, courtesy of Andrea’s old pal Merle (yes, he’s back!); Daryl’s older bro who’s now sporting a very sharp and lethal prosthetic on the arm he severed while handcuffed to the roof in season one courtesy of Rick.

With a community of only 73 people, and counting, this seemingly perfect and safe community, where the Governor has imposed a strict curfew, is a time bomb waiting to happen. At the very least, it will bring us some great entertainment with the much-anticipated Governor character on the scene. Michonne, now without her trusty katan weapon, seems to see right through his facade and knows he has a hidden agenda. Her sourpuss/angry face was a permanent fixture throughout the episode and one that did not go unnoticed by the Gov and his scientist sidekick, Milton, who happens to make some great tea, if that’s what it really is.

Andrea, on the other hand, seems quite taken with the Gov and this perfect little town. She’s been treated and seems very intrigued by him, and more so when he refuses to give her his real name (or maybe she’s in need of a little manly company). But although we haven’t seen Michonne crack a smile in any episode she’s been in, she’s got great instincts and is right to frown in Woodbury town. The Gov manages to convince Andrea and Michonne to stay, and seems a little too interesting in knowing about her old crew and Michonne’s clever way of using walkers to ward off other walkers. (Also, it seems that Michonne knew the walker pets she’s been hauling around. But she’s not talking.)

Things start to get interesting, when the Governor gets info from a dead military guy, whose chopper went down near their town, of the whereabouts of his other soldiers, Gov goes in with Merle and Co. and takes them all out. How does he expect to grow a town without any peeps? And just like that, the Governor turns into the Governator.

So how then, is the Gov different from Rick? They both lead a group, both want power and to be followed, and they both have their own type of prisons. This is sure to become the biggest face-off in Walking Dead history. But off the bat, as looney as Rick has become, he still has a good heart and genuinely wants to protect his group, whereas the Gov – showing clear signs of a god-like complex – wants to be worshipped.


But even worse, the Gov’s obsessed with walkers (or as the members of his town refer to as “biters”). So much so, that he has a collection of walker heads in aquariums from floor to ceiling in his apartment. Can you say, creepy??

So what does the Gov want? To take back civilization like he says, or something more? Who will win out? The Governator or the Ricktatorship? Things are about to get dirty, like any good presidential race.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.




—Toni-Marie Ippolito



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