Rick and the gang find safety in prison but they are introduced to a group of convicts who may not be the best neighbours.

The Walking Dead, Season 3, “Sick”—The episode opens with Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie trying to get Hershel out of the prison cafeteria after Rick severed his leg. Through all the commotion, the gang seems to not care much about the other five inmates, for the time being, that have been hiding out in the prison cafeteria.

Later, when they try to invade Rick’s cellblock, they stop them and learn that the surviving cons don’t know what’s going on in the outside world and have been locked in the cafeteria closet for the past 10 months.  Rick gives them the quick low-down: “There’s no government, no hospital, no police,” Rick informs them. “It’s all gone.”

Seriously? They stayed in that prison for almost a year without even taking a peek outside? In any event, they pose a risk to Rick and his crew, that’s clear. Even though Rick seems to let them off by agreeing to help them secure their own cell block in exchange for food, something tells me that Rick won’t let these guys stick around. Rick confides in Laurie that the only option he sees is to kill them.

It’s seems throughout the Walking Dead series, trusting outsider from your group isn’t wise. The exception was, of course, Hershel and the members on the farm including Maggie and Beth, but not everyone is like the Hershel gang. It’s bad enough that in this post-apocalyptic world zombies are ready to eat you at every turn, so should humans also obliterate humans whose existence is on the verge of extinction? I suppose Rick and the gang are only thinking in one mode: survival of the fittest, or kill or be killed…  all of those other similar clichés.

So if keeping prisoners is not an option, how does one get rid of them inside a prison? As Rick, Daryl and T-Dog lead the surviving convicts through the dark unknown halls and give them a lesson on how to kill walkers properly. So when a few appear, the cafeteria cons go at them in a style they no best: riot style, kicking, kneeing and punching like  a bunch of over hyper dumb college dudes hopped up on Bud Light. It provides the episode with a bit of humor. Even Rick, T-Dog and Daryl are mesmerized by ridiculous display.

“No more prison riot crap” Rick says while giving them another go. When Big Tiny gets bit the convict leader bashes his brains in proving that he’s a psychopath. If he can kill a man he’s been living with for almost a year makes Rick second guess the fact that they may be good neighbours. He gets affirmation that these guys can’t be trusted when the leader of the cafeteria convicts tries to kill Rick during a walker raid. Rick kills him instantly along with the other two. The two remaining guys get reprieved and left alone in another cellblock.

Meanwhile Carole, who has been learning about medical care from Hershel, wants more experience if she’s to be the one to give Laurie a C-Section. She gets Glen to helo her capture a woman walker so she can experiment on the cadaver. As she cuts into the walker, someone is watching her from a distance from the outside of the prison. Could it be Michonne and Andrea or the The Governor (David Morrissey)?

Oh, and Hershel gets saved. Just when it looked like he was going to come back as a walker, he pulls through. And does anyone else know why Rick has become so hostile towards Laurie all of a sudden, or I suppose in the last few months that have past since the farm? When we left them last season it was Laurie who was pissed at Rick and now it seems that both Carl, who’s too grown up for his own good, and his dad are against mom.  That shoulder pat Rick gives Laurie at the end was brutal.


All in all, it looks like any morals the group members had are dead and gone. Being in prison will do that.



—Toni-Marie Ippolito


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