Is there a better way to feel more glam than to get your makeup done professionally by Smashbox Cosmetics and then photographed by a star photographer? I think not.

During this year’s 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, Smashbox Cosmetics hosted the On Location portrait studio at Sephora on Bloor Street so beauty lovers could experience the star treatment by taking part in a photo shoot.

At the event, clients were treated to a full makeover with Smashbox Cosmetics makeup artists before getting their photos snapped by famed photographer Steven Khan.

Before getting dolled up with colour, my face was carefully prepped by Shawn Hlowatzki—the National Educational Manager for Smashbox Cosmetics Canada—who used the famous Smashbox Photo Finish Primer under my foundation in order to create flawless-looking skin.













After Shawn transformed my skin into the perfect canvas, Smashbox’s Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor took the reigns, creating a perfect brown, smokey eye. Lori then finished the look with a nude lip, which was absolute perfection.

Once my makeup was applied, I sat in front of Steven Khan to get cover worthy head shots.













Smashbox Tips On Priming Skin to Perfection:

One of the things I’ve learned about priming, is how much smoother your makeup is applied. Not only does your makeup glide on perfectly, but it also lasts longer throughout the day. Here’s how to use a primer properly:

1. Use only a pea sized amount of Smashbox Photo Finish primer after moisturizing and gently glide on the skin

2.  Smashbox studio artists recommend to prime your skin first, next foundation and then, in order to set it, finish off with a pressed powder like the Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder or Finishing Powder.

3. Shy about using foundations? Primers can be used alone to fill in pores in order to create flawless-looking skin.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito

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