Just as Tara makes a sizzling decision about her situation, Sookie makes a confession to Alcide and Bill and Eric are finally let loose.

True Blood Season 5, Episode 3, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”—While a lot seems to be happening on True Blood in the first three episodes, somehow, although I’m still seriously engaged, it seems so much is being touched upon with each character that it’s becoming hard to connect with each of them. But things are moving fast.

Running around for the past three episodes chasing after Tara, Sookie finally gets back in the game—although we did see her once again, cleaning her kitchen—and puts her waitress uniform back. Sookie’s storyline finally kicks in when she confesses to Alcide that she killed V-addict wolf, Debbie. Having Debbie’s parents around looking for her doesn’t bode well for our favourite “Tinkerbell,” who will not only have to contend with them, but with the wrath of Russell Edginton, who we did not get a glimpse of this episode. Even though she’s lost Tara as friend, no matter what she seems to do, she’s got Alcide by her side. Who wouldn’t want Alcide by their side?

Also, finally back in action, are Bill and Eric. After being on their knees in the Authority underground awaiting their fate, they’re released on their mission of finding and bringing in Russell—the Sanguinista who is against vamp integration and believes us humans should be farmed for vamp consumption. Not trusting them fully, Eric and Bill are outfitted with a special harness with an auto-staking system that can zap and kill them instantly.

Pam is still pining over Eric being missing that when she finally goes to sleep in her coffin, she dreams of her past with Eric. Going back to San Fran in 1905, we see Eric back at Pam’s brothel only to confront two wicked customers in a room about to feed on a poor girl, Bill and Lorena! Bill, a new vamp at the time, pisses Eric off but Lorena, his maker, sticks up for him and tells Eric since he’s a newbie, he doesn’t understand the vamp rules. When they leave, Eric and Pam have sex, and she begs him to turn her. Refusing, Pam slits her wrists, leaving Eric no choice. And so began their vamp/maker bond, which according to Eric, is a big responsibility.

But Pam doesn’t seem to think her vamp creation, Tara, is her concern. In a desperate need to drink, Tara heads to Merlotte’s for Sam’s help. Once there, she tells Sam not tell Sookie and Lafayette where she is. At Fangtasia, Sookie asks Pam for help with Tara, but when she refuses, she shoots one of her powerful fairy bolts at Pam sending her flying backwards. It seems Sookie isn’t too concerned about anyone in the bar finding out about her powers.

Jason is also struggling with a whole lot of emotion that he finally realizes that sex can no longer help him deal. After he has a creepy hook-up with a high school teach her hooked up with 15 years ago, he realizes that, well, it’s creepy.

His friend with benefits partner, Jessica, has an interesting night of her own. While dress shopping she detects a scent that elates her. The guy in the shop, who is there to get stuff for his 16 sisters apparently smells like cotton candy and fresh baked bread. Jessica chases him to a field but the mystery man disappears. The only thing we can surmise about someone smelling that great are fairies. Are the fairies back?

Things ended with Tara stumbling across a tanning salon. Breaking in, she slips inside a tanning bed, turns it on and begins to zap herself. This triggers something in Pam, who senses that her progeny is about to commit suicide. Will cold-hearted Pam save her?


True Blood airs on Sundays at 9 p.m on HBO and HBO Canada



—Toni-Marie Ippolito









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