From power trips to road trips to mind trips, and a bit of juvenile yet sassy orange sherbet eating behaviour—Mad Men episode six took the gang to far away places in search of the truth. And once again, they end up on floor finding it.

Mad Men Season Five, Episode Six, “Far Away Places.”—Sometimes it takes going to some place foreign to learn more about other people to know more about your self. And, in episode six of Mad Men, it doesn’t necessarily mean taking a vacation.

Now half-way through the season, it’s clear writer/creator Matthew Weiner has a master plan of sorts and it has been a blast to watch so far. We are building up to something big, it seems. Each episode has been focusing on each of the characters in minute, and sometimes painfully slow detail. But now, the people surrounding the main characters are forcing us to realize that, damn, they have some pretty screwed up issues. In this episode the search for the truth was the theme, and it’s not something this Mad Avenue crowd wants to deal with.

It was good to see more of Roger and Peggy this past episode. Throughout the past few seasons, I’m the first to admit that Peggy’s character, although fighting to make it in a man’s world, has been a bit annoying. She’s made big strides as a copywriter but her lack of accepting authority seems to have firmly planted that chip of self-entitlement on her shoulder. And I guess you can’t help but give her sympathy because, as much as she’s got guts as a working woman during that time, you know that in time it’s going to blow up in her face, which it did. By botching the Heinz account, after deciding it would be a good time to flex her balls in front of the client, she’s losing cred at the agency.

On the flip side, Roger doesn’t really seem to have the need to prove himself. The scene with Roger and his practically non-existing wife, Jane, at her psychiatrist’s dinner party, was one of the best of the season. Roger has been clearly spiraling out of control and it’s nice to know that with a little LSD, he could finally make things clear. Him and Jane find that being in a state of truth, their marriage is over. And Roger couldn’t be more relieved, although, as his wife put it, “it will be expensive.”

Don gets another kick in the teeth from Megan, who isn’t going to take his crap. Hasn’t he learned that already? You have to admit that, although Don’s relationship with Megan is seriously dysfunctional, it has been more entertaining than it was with Betty. A bit of Canadian power from Jessica Pare is just what Don needed to set him straight. But when Don leaves Megan at the HoJo’s, in all it’s orange sherbet glory (didn’t you love how well Megan shoveled it in her mouth?), after an argument, he later panics trying to find her. She was where everyone expected her sassy ass to, at home, making him suffer.

But the absolute best person to sum it all up last night was good old Bert Cooper. In response to the Heinz debacle, he tells Don to wake up and that he can’t have a “little girl” running his department. Bert makes it clear to Don that he needs to get off his “Love Leave” and get back to reality.


Mad Men airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC.


—Toni-Marie Ippolito


  • Bonnie says:

    Good wrap up Toni!!! I loved the episode – and especially loved when Roger was tripping on LSD. Agreed – yay for Megan!!!!

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