Ever wonder how your favourite celebrity always seems to have glowing skin? It starts with a good skin-care regimen and the help of some great products. If you haven’t tried products from Philosophy yet, you’re missing out. The brand – a skincare innovator for 16 years (this year happens to be their sweet sixteen!) – has five new product to get your skin looking smooth, healthy and glowing – just in time for summer.

At a recent Philosophy event, Robin White, Director of International Education and Events, was on hand to demonstrate and explain the new products in the Philosophy line and their benefits. I was able to test these new products and experienced first-hand how amazing the textures were, how well they absorbed into the skin and the glowing results. Among the new products released the one I’m most excited about is the Micro Exfoliating Triple-Acid Brightening Pad Peels.

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple  - We all know how important it is to wash off the day’s makeup. If you like a bit of froth in your coffee, chances are you’ll love one in your face wash as well. Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple is a newly formulated foaming facial cleansing get and eye makeup remover in one. It emulsifies creating a fresh lather that removes dirt, oil and all traces of makeup. More importantly, it leaves your face feeling refreshed and not tight. Follow with a moisturizer like Hope in a Jar. $26 for 210 ml at Sephora, the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Micro Exfoliating triple-acid brightening peel pads - People tend to shy away from the word “peel.” Exfoliation is a major step when treating your skin because if you don’t get rid of dead skin cells, your moisturizer simply won’t be able to do its job. “With a weekly peel all your other products work better,” says White. “With the pads, you can exfoliate in thirty seconds.” The pads, which contain mandelic (from bitter almond), phytic an azelaic acids (for brightening, are non-irritating and gently sweep away dead skin cells, buffer fine lines and improve skin tone. “These are great for people who have sensitive skin and don’t want a harsh exfoliant in their product and can be used once per week.” And truthfully, the pads are so gentle that you barely feel anything happening. One 12-pack $88 at Sephora, the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.



Eyes Wide Open – This gel cream diminishes puffiness under the eye using bioflavinoids and caffeine. Within six weeks of use daily, it also shows an improvement in the appearance of dark circles. The texture is gel-like and with just a small amount, eyes are awakened and refreshed. $39 for 15 ml at Sephora, the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.



Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging hand, neck and décolleté cream - This multi-use cream will help improve the appearance of wrinkles on the neck and chest areas, by supporting collagen and improving skin’s elasticity. With the addition of omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, it deeply hydrates and smooths skin. It also has a silky texture that melts onto the skin (like almost all Philosophy’s skincare products) allowing the product to glide on evenly. $59 for 60 ml at Sephora, the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.



Hope in a Jar Body Lotion - One of Philosophy’s best-known products is their Hope in a Jar face hydrating face cream and now, they’ve come out with a formulation for body. “Hope In a Jar is our world-famous moisturizer. We call it a drink of water for your skin. It really has a unique texture that changes as it’s applied to skin. It starts as a soufflé cream at first and as it’s applied it turns into a water-like texture to hydrate. It’s 99.9% oil free. All of our products are multi-use functions. So while it hydrates it also exfoliates and has antioxidants,” White says. The body lotion maintains skin’s moisture barrier while ester of lactic acid provides the gentle exfoliation to help skin to stay smooth. Skin feels super soft and stays hydrated all day. $33 for 240 ml exclusively at Sephora.


—By Toni-Marie Ippolito




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