David Beckham strips down for H&M

I sometimes forget that David Beckham is a soccer star. Once known for his mad skills on the football field (the movie, Bend it Like Beckham, was even named after him), it now seems that David is more focused on the fashion world. No doubt his wife Victoria’s fashion influence has take over his priorities. But who’s complaining?

David has had many endorsement deals over the years – including Armani - and is not afraid to strip down to his skivvies to sell a product or to show off his chiseled body.

While Victoria continues to expand her fashion line, David has signed on with retail giant H&M to produce a nine-piece collection called “Bodywear.”

“I have had the idea of doing a bodywear collection for some time now,” he told WWD last spring. “The push to do something of my own really came as a result of my collaboration with Armani. It proved to me that there is a real market for good-looking, well-made men’s bodywear. I can’t wait to show people the collection - although I’m not sure my mum will be too happy seeing a billboard image of me in underwear again,” he laughed.

David, 36, worked closely with his design team to create a line which includes cotton briefs, boxer shorts, vests, T-shirts, long johns and sleepwear, inspired by pieces from his own wardrobe.

“Collectively with my design team we spent time working on the feel, fit and style to ensure the product is not only something I would wear but one which I would be proud to put my name to,” Beckham said while promoting his line. “I always want to challenge myself and this was such a rewarding experience for me. I’m very happy with the end result and I hope H&M’s male customers will be as excited as I am.”

Beckham’s briefs will be available in stores in February, and will no doubt be sold out!

-By Toni-Marie Ippolito

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